The WEakest And Most Vulnerable

17 May

May 16, 2016

Now we all know that those who hurt children are the lowest of the low. Why is that? Because babies and children are weak and defenseless and the most vulnerable. Being mean to children is very cruel and inhuman. So why then is it wrong to kill and eat animals? Because they are weak and defenseless and the most vulnerable. The exact same reason it’s wrong to hurt children. People say, OH it’s just an animal, slaughter it. You are just an animal, and you wouldn’t like it if someone slaughtered you, now would you. Some people say Oh i eat meat, but i have compassion for animals because i love my cats. Well you may love your cats, but you must hate that chicken. Because you murdered it! People might say Oh i slaughter animals, but i would never slaughter human babies. Oh, i see. You only slaughter other people’s babies. Why is it wrong to hurt animals? Because it’s mean to hurt animals. Think of a small child and you take him to the petting zoo. You hand the little baby a kitten and he grabs it by the neck and starts throttling it! And what do you do? You tell him NO NO bad baby! because it’s mean to hurt animals. People who go around hurting animals, there’s something wrong with them. They’re mean and cruel and inhumane to animals.

I tell people these things not because i want bad things to happen to them, but so they can learn how to save themselves. Because to God, hurting His animals that He blessed is the same as hurting humans. He tells us that in GEnesis. I tell you, if you go around harming the things that God has blessed, you are not going to live to see Heaven. But neither will we who obey God either live to see hell. Heavenly Mother said there are some things that i don’t want to know, and hell is one of them. She said it’s better to be thankful for never knowing what hell is like. She said that it will be like at school, and all the mean children will be taken away. We won’t know where, but they will be taken away and we will never see them again. And that’s all we care about! Hurray! Because we’re going to live in a city where there’s only nice folks and no mean people at all.

Well i thought, what about rats? Rats don’t seem to be blessed animals. Thinking about that, neither are snakes. So how can i tell if animals are blessed or not. Well it doesn’t really matter, if we just consider that all God’s animals are protected species. We wouldn’t eat any of them, of course. But i think a general idea of an animal that has been blessed by God is if it is tame, or if it can be made into a pet. Generally speaking, i don’t fully understand. But i think all birds are protected, according to GEnesis. We wouldn’t eat animals and we wouldn’t generally kill animals for fun or sport either, because they are God’s blessed creations that He loves. But we can’t let rats live in our houses. We don’t even want them around, because we can get sick and die just from their dung. They spread disease and you wouldn’t generally give your baby a wharf rat for a pet to sleep with. I thought a good example might be if an animals is a pest, then you would know it was not blessed. Take a chicken for example. A chicken will not hide in your cupboard, then sneak out at night while you are asleep and eat your food and piss and poo on everything and spread disease. There’s a big difference. I remembered that Heavenly Mother told me that “not all bugs are good bugs”. and so by the same token i believe that not all animals are good animals. Some will kill you by biting you, some will kill you by spreading bad bugs. So we can see that animals can become a nuisance, but generally for domestic type animals such as deer and such you can just put up a fence to keep them out. Even bunnies. If you wanted to keep bunnies out of your yard, you could just put up a fence too. It would only have to be about six inches tall. But rats and other rodents and disease spreaders you can’t necessarily keep out with a fence. And so then you have to protect yourself and your family and your pets and try to eradicate them. I think it’s ok to kill rats, because it can’t be a crime to kill bad bugs, or Heavenly Mother would not have had me clean my toilet.

Now i am reminded that if we want to go to Heaven, we earn our wings. They are not given to us.

I wondered to myself, when was the last time i actually heard of the Fbi actually solving an actual crime? I can’t remember. It seems to me that the Fbi must stand for FAke Bureau of INvestigation, because they don’t seem to solve crimes. It seems like they spend more time covering up their own crimes, framing innocent people, running false flags and lying to the public. When you ask them to solve a real crime, such as 911, they don’t have a clue! I think that means they are complicit. I think that is why so many documents are withheld, and will remain withheld. Because then you might find out it was the Fbi who ordered and planned 911, just like all the other false flags they do. Then Americans might not trust them anymore. I mean after all, if they can’t solve a &_(**(* crime, what (_*(*_(*(_**()* good are they?


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