A Weird Beast With 78 Hundred Eyes

17 May

May 16, 2016

The more weird and un-Christian like things i think of that are in Revelations makes even more glad to discard that book from my doctrine. A weird beast with 52 thousand eyes? Come on! Revelation seems more and more nonsensical the more i think about it.

We all know that we were created in the image of God. What does that mean, exactly? It has many meanings. Such as our family unit is an image of God, our Heavenly Family. We have a father and a mother and siblings. It also means that we bear some physical resemblance to our Heavenly Parents. And another thing that it means is that God’s family is just like our family. Because we have a mom and a dad and a brother or sister, and we have a pet and God has pets too! Not strange looking creatures, either, like gargoyles or whatnot. So that shows us that God also has pets in His Family. And if we saw that God didn’t want us hurting and eating his pets, then we would stop. Because we love God and we love our neighbors and we don’t want to hurt anyone.


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