Pigs Love To EAt Flesh

16 May

May 15, 2016

Earlier i mentioned that people who will eat pigs flesh for example will eat any kind of flesh. What is the difference between rat flesh and pig flesh? What’s the difference between pig flesh and human flesh? None, basically. It’s all flesh. You’d have to do a DNA test on it to see what kind of flesh you are eating. What difference is there between pig blood and human blood? None, really. Blood is blood. In God’s eyes, all flesh and blood is the same. He tells us not to eat any flesh and blood. People’s closest relation in the animal world are chimpanzees. So if you eat monkey flesh, that’s pretty close to eating human flesh. But if you put a bunch of seasonings and flavorings on it, you wouldn’t be able to tell if you were eating pig flesh, rat flesh, or human flesh. As long as it tastes good, you’ll eat it, right? That’s because hogs will eat anything you throw before them. Dead flesh, dead carcasses, rotten meat, maggots, flies, dead fetuses, dead blood, animal feces and urine. Because pigs don’t care what they eat, either.


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