Hyuk Hyuk You Been Outfoxed By Dubya

16 May


May 16, 2016

Sometimes i rant and rave at Americans, but i do it because i care about them. I try to help them even at my own personal expense. So if i rant and rave it’s not because i hate them. If i hated them i wouldn’t say anything at all. But i have to say some things that people don’t like to hear. But either way, i am doing it to help people, whether if they appreciate it, or not. If people do not appreciate my help, that’s OK by me. As Paul said “greet the brethren with a kiss”. So if people don’t appreciate my help, i don’t care, but they are welcome to a kiss on my buttocks, anytime they wish. In fact, they can french kiss my ()+)**(*&*^&^%^$$ ass as much as they want.

Well, God said not to pray for people who refuse God and continue to be sinners. I don’t know who to pray for, in that case. So i continue to pray for everyone. Then God can sort them out. Because that’s beyond the scope of my capability. And i am beginning to see that prayer is the only hope these people have. Because i am beginning to believe that people today are not destined to survive. I don’t see how they can survive. I don’t believe that people are very much longer for this world. It seems pretty obvious. All you have to do is look around you, and you can see.

People are being attacked on many different vectors, at once. People are under assault, and they have been for many years. It has become so great that people are under attack by nearly everything they consume in their world. Water. Let’s put rat poison in the water. Americans say OK, and they will even go to court to sue, to get fluoride put in their water. Then they drink it. The food is contaminated. Poisonous chemicals, flavorings, blah blah blah. WE could spend weeks on that alone. We did. The air is polluted, in China you can’t even breathe! Now they polluted the world with radiation. I know what, lets build a nuclear power plant on the largest waterway, right on the border of two states. Then when it fails, we will really create a huge ecological disaster. OK, sounds great to me. Then they built it. Now Americans are under assault through their medications, which are mandated by the government. The government tells you what medicine to take, and what medicine is illegal. The people poison their own children, forcing them to eat poisonous food, water, candy, medicine. Then they take their young daughters and give them VD shots at age ten and make the kids sterile. No kids for you. If you do have any, they will be deformed or autisitic or have three legs. The parents take their sons and send them off to war where the government has them kill sons and daughters in other countries. Then when they come home injured and debilitated, the government casts them out and abandons them. The parents keep doing this. The parents themselves go and get flu shots and inject themselves with who knows what. They don’t know what’s in their food, or their water, or their injections. They don’t care. They just keep taking the shots. The government will arrest you if you don’t take their shots, in California. So we can see that Americans are under attack and it has gotten to be a full spectrum attack. They eat the food, drink the water, eat the medicine, kill their neighbors, sons, and daughters, grandkids, their selves, each other. They don’t seem to stand a chance for survival. Americans would seem to get an award for being stupid.

But here’s where it gets real stupid. NOw someone comes along and exposes all these hidden dangers and tries to help the people, and they turn against those who would help them and try to kill them! They hate them! Then even after all these dangers are exposed they continue to eat the food, eat the water, eat the medicine, take the shots, force their kids to take the shots, force their kids to go to war and get killed, so some banker can get rich, then abandon 99% of America to starve. One person comes along and tries to help these folks, and they turn against him and try to kill him. There’s no way these people are going to be able to survive. I believe Americans may be the stupidest people in the history of the world.

I said before that people my age who still think that voting counts and government is not a huge criminal organization that goes around the world committing crimes, there is no excuse for them. And i feel the same way about kids. Parents who know about all these things, and still force their kids to eat the food and get the shots are completely beyond my understanding. This is way beyond stupid. These people are going to genocide themselves! And they are doing it, right before our eyes. The kids deserve better than this, that’s for sure. I see kids and i feel sorry for them, because they have no choice. They are forced to do whatever their brain dead parents make them do, and when the parents are that *&))*^&**))(* stupid that they will genocide their own babies and children and grandchildren, well, we can see that they are not long for this world. There’s no way people who are that U(*))_____ stupid can survive for long. There is just no way. Even when you tell them.

I feel sorry for the children, but the parents have no excuse. People have gotten dumber and dumber, and they continue their downward trend. These people are so backwards that they think that sex is evil, but killing is OK! How long can they survive? Not long, i tell you. Especially when the world is waking up and all the volcanoes are coming to life. This Earth can be a very hospitable planet, a very nice place to live. But it can also turn into a hot molten ball of lava. People see all the mass die offs of animals, and they think to themselves “If the animals all die, well, we’ll just live here by ourselves”. No you won’t. When you see the animals all dying off, know that people are next. And you could see this getting ready to happen, and you could tell people about it and tell them how to be saved and go to HEaven. But many people would ridicule you and call you names and keep eating the “meat” and drinking the “pepsie” fetuses. Because, if it tastes good, eat it, right? Who cares if it has dead fetuses in it and other shit. You kids shut up and eat your slimeburgers and take your DNA shots because we’re a lot smarter than everybody else and we’re better than everybody else, and if anybody disagrees with us, we’ll just kill ’em, or threaten to kill ’em. Because we don’t listen to nobody because we’re better and smarter than everybody else in the world! That’s why we go around the world killing everybody else!



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