What Does Satan Look Like?

13 May

May 13, 2016


After throwing out much of the New Testament, i realized we rely on Revelation for a few of our “myths”. Myths such as the rapture. Another myth that we get from Revelation is the story of how Satan came to EArth. Supposedly Satan was cast down from Heaven after losing the war with God. I seriously question this story of how Satan came to Earth. First of all, if there was war in Heaven, Satan would not be here today. I can guarantee you that. In fact, what i believe is more plausible is that Satan did rebel against God, and Satan and his little sissies said “We want to be the king. But since we cannot be the king of Heaven, we will go down to Earth and be the king of the Earth”. That just so happened to be where God’s babies were. So evil SAtan ran and hid in the nursery like a rat, knowing that God could not destroy him while he was in the nursery. All of Satans angels all over the place. I don’t think they had one third of the angels from Heaven either. I think that is Satan lying and exaggerating as usual. It seems that the Earth was kind of a “honeypot” to those evil angels, and it drew them out. Kind of like bait on a trap.

People often wonder what Satan looks like. Some people say he is beautiful, but i believe that Satan was the Nephilims that came to EArth. We might not be able to see what Satan looks like, but we can see what his offspring with human women looked like, and they are not beautiful at all. Grotesque and disgusting is a better description.





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