War Criminals

13 May

May 13, 2016

Yesterday i spoke how the US government is a huge criminal organization run by criminals and supported by criminal law enforcement agencies and crooked rigged court systems. People might mistakenly think that the US military might come to their rescue, and save the people from the US government. But the military is not going to save the people. The military is not going to even help the US citizens. Why? Because they do what they are told, without thinking. They are weak. When their superior officer tells them “Go over there and commit war crimes against humanity and bomb children and hospitals!” they salute him and say “Yes sir! May i lick your boots sir! May i lick your ass, sir!” and then they go and commit any war crimes they are told. If they bomb civilians in other countries, they will also murder innocent citizens in any country. Why do these military people do whatever they are told? Because they are inferior. They don’t have a backbone, they are not men. They are the lowest forms of life on Earth. When the criminal government wants war crimes committed, they don’t do it themselves. NO, they have the military do it for them, because the military will commit any war crimes anywhere. They will do whatever they are told without thinking and without compassion or mercy.

When the US government wants children maimed and burned and killed, they call the Air Force, and the Navy, and the Marines. And those military people will commit any war crimes they are told. That’s what they get paid to do. And they won’t ever ask why, or stand up against them. Because they have no nuts.

Well today i have good news for everybody. Everybody is going to live forever. Some people are going to live in Heaven forever, and some people are going to live in fire forever. So we can rejoice! Because those people who are committing crimes against humanity are going to face real justice. The children of God will be going to Heaven, and those people who go around killing and hurting them are going to burn alive forever.


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