My Promise To You

13 May

May 13, 2016

As i said before, hell is very real, and it is forever. So if you are hurting God’s children and you don’t love your neighbors, don’t be surprised if you suddenly wake up and find yourself burning in torment. Just remember this if you do – you will never get out. It’s going to last forever. Why? Because people were evil and hurting God’s children, and they refused to stop, even after God asked them. So God threw them in the fire, then they stopped. I told you how protective God is over His animals, that He blessed. Imagine how protective He is over His children! You go around killing and burning God’s animals then you too are going to find out what it is like to be killed and burned with fire. Yes, hell is real. The story of the rich man burning alive in hell is real. That rich man is still in there, burning, today. He’s burning right now. And you will be going to join him too, if you don’t stop hurting God’s children and start loving your brothers. That i can promise you.


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