Kicking Sissies Asses

13 May

May 12, 2016

Before i mentioned that when Light shows up, darkness flees. And we can see this in the dark room example The darkness runs and tries to hide behind things. That’s why if you look behind things, you will see a shadow. That is the darkness trying to hide from the Light. And we spoke about Satan’s sissies being cowards. They are only brave if they have a gun and you don’t have one. They feel tough because they can bully around 12 year old girls. But it’s kind of like Satan’s sissies are in the classroom bullying the little girls, and the jocks come in the room and give them a beat down they’ll never forget.

There is a saying that if you have to have a drink to be social, that’s not social drinking. If you need to have a gun to feel brave, that’s not bravery. That’s cowardice. If you allow people to hurt innocent women and children, then you are the lowest form of life there is.

I think it’s quite humorous that Americans think they are voting for Donald who they think is not part of the “system”. LoL! Trump and Hillary are BFF, and so Trump is used to take away your other choice for president. Your vote doesn’t count. The government decides who will be the president. Now that donald has taken away the opposition, you can either vote for Hillary, or Hillary. But it doesn’t matter. Because Hillary is going to “win”. But people are like “baaa baaa move this line so i can vote baaa baaaa it’s important to vote bleet bleet”. I feel bad for them, but it’s so obvious, i don’t understand why i am the only one who sees it. LIke the fiasco ACA. What a crock. I could see that was a disaster at the first mention of “forced healthcare”. But Americans are too foolish to realize some things, such as allowing the government to mandate them to buy things that have no regulation! What were they thinking? It’s just nonsense. But for some reason, people cannot see what is obvious right in front of them, even based on past experience, time after time after time again. Even when people tell them, they are like “duhh oh yeah, ACA is going to be great!” Oh well. I will just sit back and watch the show.

I read about the federal agent who supposedly shot himself in NYC and left a note detailing FEMA camps for americans, total economic “collapse” and other things. Total economic collapse just means the one percenters took everybodys money and keeps it for themselves. while the 99 percent starve If the US government does not have a contingency plan for national security in case of economic collapse, then they are the biggest failure in history, of any government in the history of the world. That would make Americans the biggest losers in the history of the world, and so i guess they will get whatever they deserve. Whatever that will be. The dead federal agent supposedly stated in his note that he killed himself, because they would kill him for telling the truth anyway. I think if that really happened, the man put his life down for others, then he will be rewarded by God, for loving his brothers, even unto death. The agent would have been killed anyway, so he committed suicide. But all people who make themselves enemies of God and hurt God’s children are committing suicide. God tells us if we take someone’s life, then we will pay with our own life. If we kill someone’s physical life, they still have eternal life. But the killer loses his eternal life. That’s the life that he loses. His eternal life.

Some things i have serious questions about in the Bible, and so until i further understand, i am going to leave confusing things out of my studies. Some Scriptures just don’t hold water, as we saw. Now i also threw out calling Christians “brides” and some other archaic things that Jesus never said. However, the good news is that hell is still the same. Hell is very real, just as Jesus told us about the rich man and Lazarus. What was the rich man doing in hell? He was burning forever. Because that’s what hell was created for. However, i am beginning to have questions and doubts about the authenticity of the Revelation book. There are some strange anomalies in this book, such as Jesus calling people brides, and lots of symbolism, galaxy formations and stuff, unlike any other book in the Bible. IN fact, the author of REvelation is unknown. Also curious and suspicious to me are the exact dates in the woman “clothed with the sun”. I think if Jesus was trying to teach us how to be saved, He would not make it confusing and complicated, but He would just say it. I know the Bible has scriptural errors in it, and now i am beginning to suspect that the NWO actually put their plan in the Bible, years ago. And they have been slowly working their way up to that certain date, that they already have picked out. And using their shemitah year and the “apparition” one hundred years prior, they are trying to make things look like they are divine events, when actually, they are signs in the Heavens that deceive even the elect. I believe it’s possible that this is their plan, and they actually put it in the Bible, to make it look like it was divine, and they have been implementing their plan for decades, and even centuries. But one thing i do know that God is very sensible and if He wants to tell us something He will just say it. Why all the need for all the symbolism? That’s not Biblical. Heavenly MOther told me i should be suspicious of any book of unknown authorship and unknown origin that claims to have “critical information”. I think they NWO had their plans all set, and dates set, and then they were exposed. And because of that they had to rush their schedule, but by now, the people are onto the fake “Fbi” carrying out false flags across the country. The Fbi should be rounded up and arrested for lying, and breaking the laws, and wasting our money. Not to mention “impersonating law enforement officers”, treason, lying under oath, etc etc.

So now we know that the righteous will go to Heaven. But what about the unrighteous? Hell was created for Satan and his angels. Who are Satan’s angels? People who do evil. People who are not righteous. They are doing evil, so they are carrying out the will of Satan. Therefore they are Satan’s angels. If they are doing evil they certainly aren’t God’s angels! NO, they are evil, and they will be destroyed with everything else that is evil, including Satan in the fires of Hell. All evil has to be destroyed. It is called “cleansing by fire”. All evil is going to be cleansed of, gotten rid of, destroyed. Those people who chose evil will go where the evil goes. God reminded me before when God said that you can smell the flesh burning in hell. It smells like bacon.


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