A Criminal For President?

13 May

May 13, 2016

When Satan was cast out of Heaven, that was only part of the plan. Satan was destined to be destroyed ever since that happened. But God had to wait until the right time to destroy Satan. At the harvest of souls. Then Satan and everything evil will be disposed of. Hurray!

Some people seem shocked that they might get a president named Hillary who is an obvious criminal, and murderer! How can that be? Well take a look at the murderer in the white house the past ten years, he’s also a criminal. Him and his drones. Bush jr was a criminal, Bush sr was a criminal, Clinton is a criminal, every president we have had in my lifetime is a criminal. So you shouldn’t be shocked or surprised. The US government is a criminal organization, run and organized by criminals who enforce their criminality using criminal law enforcement personnel. It’s pretty obvious, to anyone who has eyes to see. 911 was a criminal act that the Fbi never solved, because the fbi did those crimes to the American people. Another reason they should be rounded up and arrested and charged with crimes against women and children and humanity. Because like i said, people who perpetrate crimes against children are worthless pieces of shit.



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