High Tech Dummies

12 May

May 12, 2016

Remembering that God is pure goodness helps me to understand that God never gets angry and God cannot hate. God either approves or disapproves. God does not fly off the handle in fits of rage, as men do. It’s not possible. If God was like that, the Earth would have been destroyed long ago. God is infinitely patient, infinitely kind, infinitely loving. God does not do mean things to anyone, and certainly not to His Own Children. God simply rewards people for their own behavior, whether they earned good rewards, or punishment. God does not punish you. You punish your ownself by being evil. After all, where do you think the fruits of the Spirit come from? It’s not possible for God, the purest good, to put forth any evil whatsoever. An apple tree cannot put forth oranges.

God cannot create evil. For example look at little babies. When humans are born, they contain no evil at all.

We learned how JEsus set us an example. Another example we can read about in the Bible is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Those towns were full of unrighteous people. God could not even find ten righteous men in those two cities. Perhaps they were offspring of Nephilims. Who knows. But God told Lot that He was going to destroy the city because they were unrighteous, and God sent angels to remove Lot safely from the city. AFter all, Lot had to go and tell everyone what happened. First God said that He was going to destroy those people for being unrighteous, and as soon as Lot left town, God smoked the whole town and all the people in it. Lot lived to tell the story, and he told it to everyone. LOt said he looked back and saw nothing but a smoking crater! It was the end of a lot of evil people that day.

I was thinking how a lot of people still believe in ancient bronze age style beliefs. It seems odd that people still do this, and it is two thousand years later! People still believe in a lot of ancient superstitions and false beliefs, such as the Earth spinning around the sun and so forth. It seems that people’s beliefs and knowledge have not kept pace with their technological advancements. They seem to have high tech, but slow in the head. In fact because of this, we might even say that humans have regressed somewhat. Because they have not achieved new goals, they have not shown growth. They have regressed, or were held back

Well the good news is that the servants of God can easily overpower the servants of Satan. Darkness is not match for Light. To test this out, go into a dark room and turn on the light, and see what happens to the darkness. It disappears. Satan’s sissies are only brave when it comes to beating up defenseless children and women. Satan’s sissies are only brave when they are dropping bombs from fighter jets on to unarmed women and children. When faced with real men who are brave and unafraid of them, those sissies will run away and wet their pants. Because they are weak, ignorant and cowardly, and they are no match for God and His forces. They are afraid of dying, while we enjoy dying. That’s the thing about people who love lies. They hate the Truth.


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