God Made Women Irresistable

12 May

May 11, 2016

Some of the things that they talk about in the New Testament are things as armoring yourself for spiritual protection. NOt necessarily for war, but for self protection. But when we have the love of the Holy Spirit, we are armored with love. Love is the impenetrable shield, and all evil bounces right off of it. Lets say a witch tried to cast a spell on you, if you are armored in love, the spell will bounce right off you, and right back onto the witch, where it came from. Faith and hope and all that is good, but all we need is love. I believe that was from the Song of Paul.

I spoke before that God is very Just. Completely just. Infinitely just. God’s court of law is very unlike man’s court of law. In man’s court of law, a man may not be served justice, due to a technicality. Therefore, mans courts are not courts of justice, they are courts of technicalities. You will not be condemned in God’s court due to “technicalities”. Such things don’t exist in Heaven. People will be given true justice.

Some Christians preach that you must have your sins forgiven by God to be a Christian. HOw are people going to know if God forgives their sins or not, if people cannot hear God? Jesus does not preach that we must have our sins forgiven. He teaches us repentance and remission of sins. That means realizing we are sinning, saying that we are sorry, and stopping! That’s it. I imagine God does forgive us our sins when we do that. But the main thing is that we need to say we are sorry, and stop sinning. Love our brothers, and don’t hurt anyone. As long as you are doing what is right, you can’t go wrong.

I thought of another reason why we can’t judge people for sexual orientation, which i myself was also guilty of doing. For example, we read about a Freemason leader who molested both his sons. Both those sons then allegedly molested male children. It is a cycle of domestic violence. So we can’t judge the child who was raped by a CAtholic priest, then grew up and became homosexual. It wasn’t his fault. He becomes a double victim, first as a rape victim, then he is treated as though he is sick and evil because of something that he is a victim of. We are not supposed to judge him, we are supposed to love him.

God came to Earth as Jesus to show men the way to Heaven. He set an example for us to follow. He showed us that even though He is the most powerful God in the universe, He got down on His hands and knees and washed those peoples feet. God suffered abuse at the hands of men, and He did not stop them. God allowed Himself to be crucified to death to set us an example. God does not ask us to do anything that He will not do HImself, and He showed us that by His example.

That doesn’t mean that you have to die to be a Christian and be saved. It doesn’t mean that if you are rich that you should give everything away, unless God specifically asks you. It doesn’t mean that you have to die for God. But if God did ask you, then you love God so much you would say Yes. Because, what else are you going to live for?

I’m glad God teaches me everything! Finally we can throw out a lot of nonsense and finally begin to figure things out. God is very sensible. Another thing we can throw out is the notion that Christians are Jesus “bride”. Jesus did not say that we were his “brides”. He said that we were His servants, His disciples, and His friends, His brothers, and sisters, and mothers. But He never said we were His bride.

I was thinking about Adam in the Garden of Eden. I find it very interesting, thinking about women not being made in seven days, but afterwards. After God made all the animals, and showed them all to Adam to see what Adam would call them, then God brought out His Masterpiece! He brought out Eve, and God gave Eve to Adam, as a gift. This was separate from the Creation.

Genesis Chapter 2

21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

Wow! I wonder what Eve looked like! I wonder what Adam thought! I wonder what happened next! One thing we know for sure, is that Eve was the most beautiful woman in the world! I’m sure Adam loved her very much, and he didn’t compare her to anyone else.


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