What’s Your Legacy?

11 May

May 11, 2016

US Government jobs available in your area. Requirements: Must be willing to kill innocent American citizens, women and children. Great pay and benefits. Employer provides guns, ammunition and desensitization training. Will be working alongside ISIS contractors and foreign mercenaries. This is not an overseas position.

Man, isn’t it great, living in the greatest country in the world! That’s why we have the best healthcare in the world and we all have good paying jobs, enough to eat and no worries at all!

Now we can easily understand why it is difficult for rich men to enter Heaven, or impossible. Why? Because they don’t keep the Golden Rule. They love themselves more than their neighbors. They love their junk more than they love their neighbors! We can imagine that to enter Heaven your soul must go through something as small as the eye of a needle. Your soul can get through, but not if you are holding onto something, and won’t let go. Thus we can see that to enter Heaven we must give up every single thing. That Cadillac won’t fit. You can’t even take your iphone. I also understand that people make for themselves an “eternal legacy”. Such as, if a person is a brave servant of God, when God finds that person doing good, that person will live forever in glory and honor. Forever. An Eternal legacy. However, those people who God finds doing evil, they will be ashamed. They will be ashamed forever. They will never be able to live it down, they will be ashamed for Eternity. Every single person that sees them will be ashamed of them, and so will they. That’s a horrible thought. People may be cowards, and too afraid to even do anything. That’s OK, they can still go to Heaven. But they will spend Eternity as cowards being their legacy.


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