Where Do Babies Come From?

10 May

May 9, 2016

When i was growing up i was taught that you should only have sex with a woman after you marry her or it is a sin. However, we can see that Jesus does not tell us this. Marriage is not a requirement for two people to be together. It’s not a sin. But what is adultery? Adultery would be breaking one’s vows to another. They could be married on paper, or just a verbal contract. But as i said earlier, before one can commit adultery, one must first get married. Therefore it is not adultery if two single or separated people get to know each other without being married. If people can make a verbal agreement to stay together, they can also make a verbal agreement to separate. They are not hurting anybody. Why is adultery frowned upon? Because it is the breaking of a promise to another, and is a violation of the Golden Rule. Anytime we love ourself more than another we are guilty of breaking the Golden Rule. Whether we love ourself more than our wife, or our own baby, or any time. What if a lady gets pregnant while single? We see that it is not a sin, but now she is a single mother. Well if she does not want to be a single mother she will get married. What is fornicating? That is where babies come from.


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