What Kind Of Tree Are You?

10 May

May 10, 2016

I begin to understand some of the things that God told me in 2013. Such as, Man does not need a book to tell him how to live. Man was born with the knowledge of right and wrong. It is the Way of Life. It is written in the stars. Now i understand what that means. For example, if you are hurting someone, and they are crying out, you don’t need to go and get a book to see if what you are doing is right or wrong. You know. Anytime you are doing something wrong, you know, because you feel guilty. It’s called our “conscience” and it was given to us to guide us. Also i understand what God was preparing me for when She told me that you can solve just about anything by using logic.

Now i feel i should apologize for teaching such confusing dialogue. But i am just as confused as everyone else, and trying to sort things out. Thankfully, with the divine intervention of God teaching us all, we can finally reach some understanding. I was thinking that although many people will go to Heaven, there may be different levels in Heaven. For example, Jesus teaches us that those who sacrifice here on Earth will be repaid in Heaven. Certainly this is above and beyond what the general population receives. So it seems that makes it where people can decide whether they just want to barely make the cutoff and reach the lowest level of Heaven, or if they may want to strive and try to reach the highest level of Heaven they can, during their short time here on EArth. According to God’s word, there appears to be some sort of hierarchy of levels in Heaven, such as 7th Heaven or something like that.

I was thinking about the sheep and the goats on the right and left hands of God. Sheep are pretty docile, and if you walk into a field of sheep they are probably gently little creatures. But if you walk into a field with goats, those goats will try to ram you with their horns and start head butting you. It seems there are two different kinds of people – those who love their neighbors, and what is the opposite of love? Hate, that’s right. The other folks hate their neighbors. That’s what it all comes down to. We can use the general rule and ask, Are they hurting anyone? If the people are not hurting anyone, then they don’t appear to be doing anything wrong, so we should leave them alone. After all, if they are not doing anything wrong, and we go and start harassing them, then who is hurting their neighbor now? Who is sinning now, by bothering people who aren’t doing anything wrong? But on the other hand, if you see someone and they are hurting others, then by all means you should confront them and say “Hey, you’re hurting those animals” or “Hey, you’re hurting those people! Stop it!” And try to prevent them from hurting other people. But if people aren’t bothering anyone else then you should just leave them alone.

Some people hate their neighbors because they look different, or they have different customs, or because of their religion. Why? Because they think because something is different from them that it is wrong, if they don’t like it. It’s their opinion. But we know that different does not equal wrong. Anything goes, except being evil. There is a time and place for everything. Except for evil. Some people may be evil for a time, but if they don’t give it up and repent, it will eventually devour them. Now i don’t care if you are gay, and God does not care either.

Now we can see the two different types of trees. One tree puts forth love, and the fruits of the spirit. The other tree puts forth hate. The good tree cannot put forth hate, and neither can the evil tree put forth love. Thus, we know them by their fruits.


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