Sometimes You Have To Go FOr It

10 May

May 9, 2016

The other day i wrote down that people sometimes go to other men to learn about God and Heaven, instead of listening to Jesus. Well, turns out that’s what i was doing, by reading the doctrine of Paul and other men instead of Jesus words only. That’s what i was doing, trying to learn about God through people other than Jesus. I’m glad God teaches me everything.

Now we learn that sexual orientation is not an entrance requirement for Heaven. But keeping the Golden Rule is. I thought about the Christians who turn gay folks away from their bakery. Turns out, the gay folks were not sinners by being gay. It was the bakery owners who sinned by judging those gay folks. I thought about some cities where there are lots of gay folks. What are they doing? They are being fruitful. They are doing what God commanded them. And we can’t judge them, because how do we know God did not make them more fruitful than us? Only God can judge men. This is a good example of why we are taught to “judge not”. Just because people are different from us, or we don’t agree with their tastes doesn’t make them evil. That would be like saying that left-handed people are wrong, there is something wrong with them and we should try to make them change. But God made people the way they are, and He is not going to condemn people for the way they are. Unless they are evil. Then he will condemn them.

Some people say that because animals don’t have gay behaviour, that means it’s totally unnatural and something evil. HOwever, i shouldn’t have to remind everyone that people are not animals, and we don’t expect people to go around acting like animals. Because people are a lot different than animals. That’s like saying “Oranges are not the same as apples”. I guess that’s why people have traditions such as marriage and such, because we expect people to act better than animals. But a good general rule we can use is to ask if people are hurting anybody? If they are not hurting anybody, then they can’t be accused of not loving their neighbors. But if they are hurting someone, then we know they are guilty of breaking God’s commandments. It seems ironic that people will consider gay folks evil, while considering a nation that goes around the world killing women and children the “chosen people”.

We know that God is very just, and He will not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. God is not going to lead us into temptation, then if we sin, condemn us. For example, God is not going to give men a sex drive, tell them to be fruitful and multiply, then put them in a land of beautiful women and tell the man he can’t touch himself, or even look at the women or else he will be condemned to hell! God loves us. He is not cruel to us. Life is full of hardships and we should try not to ruin the few enjoyments that God gave us. When you go somewhere to have fun, do you let yourself go or do you hold yourself back? Pleasure does not equal sin. You should feel thankful to God for pleasure and happiness, not guilty.


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