Making Angels

10 May

May 9, 2016

I remember reading that the Catholics believe that every sperm is sacred. But we can see that if this was so, and of course there is no mention of it in the HOly Bible, then every time a man had sex with his wife he would commit about a billion sins! Now that does not pass the “goodness” test. Neither does it pass the common sense test. In fact, it doesn’t even pass the “foolishness” test! And therefore, we throw it into the BS pile with all the other CAtholic doctrines and practices and traditions of men, dressing up like fish and such. Just total &(*^&&^&* nonsense.

For one thing, the ancient bronze age folks in those days were not aware of such things as sperms, and so forth. They had no concept of such ideas. But what we can see is that God made man very fruitful, and God provided man with enough to make sure God’s plan gets completed; and that is to fill the Earth. And God made sure that there is plenty enough extra to still get the job done. So those Catholics don’t have to worry about those seven billion, and try to keep them alive in jars and such. We can see God’s plan is succeeding, because the EArth went from two people to 8 billion souls! Man went forth and was fruitful, and is multiplying.


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