Time Goes By Like The Wind

9 May

May 9, 2016

I mentioned before that God gave men brains to use them, not to repress them. This is true for all the faculties God gave us. What did God give us all our faculties to use for? What is our number one mission? To be fruitful and multiply. So we do. We are kids, and someday we’ll get to be the dad and drive the truck and have the money. We’ll have our own kids and family, only we’re going to do things differently. So we do it in a polite and orderly fashion. When we repress the faculties God gave us we create an unhealthy situation. God did not create us to be feeling guilty and shameful. This is not healthy behaviour. God created us to be happy and healthy and to have normal, healthy, natural behaviour.

When i was growing up i remember feeling guilty for masturbating. I used to have like a vision of angels above in Heaven, with their arms folded across their chest, sternly watching me, making me feel guilty. And i used to think, Sorry angels, but i can’t help myself, so you’re just going to have to watch! But anybody who thinks that God watches people while they are having sex does not understand the true nature of God.

Our brains are like everything else – we either use it, or we lose it. If we don’t think then soon we will not have brains to think with. Freedom is kind of like that. I thought about how women have lost their freedom over the years. Every so often men like to rub it in women’s faces that their wages and benefits are lower than mens. Sometimes you have to fight to keep your freedom, else you will lose it. I thought how the Bible has even been used to subjugate women. “See honey, it says right there that women need to be subject to their husbands, and keep quiet and a sack on their heads and do whatever their husband tells them”. But we know this teaching did not come from God. None is less than the others. I think women are more important than men. Why? Because we needed to have a woman to give birth to Jesus. Men cannot do that.

One thing i have learned is not to teach the traditions of men as doctrine of Jesus. However, this does not mean all traditions of men are not good. Such as marriage is a tradition of men, and from reading the Bible old testament i can see that God also promotes marriage, and God frowns upon adultery, both physical and spiritual. I guess the marriage vow is between two people that they will be faithful one to another and never leave each other. It’s a promise that two people make to each other. That’s great. But i think, if you are not sure if you can keep your promise, you are better off not making promises you can’t keep. But now i can see the advantages of marriage that i never quite understood before.

God gave men and women all their faculties to use, and God did not make them shameful. It is men who make normal, natural, healthy behaviour shameful. Keywords being normal, natural, and healthy.


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