The Condensed Law

8 May

May 8, 2016

After more thinking, i decided to change what i wrote yesterday to say that i don’t think there is anything that two people can do together that is a sin, unless they are hurting each other. Also, i think that adultery is a man made sin. When God commands men to “be fruitful and multiply”, He doesn’t command them anything else – to be married, or anything else. God made men to be desirous of women, so it can’t be a sin to be desirous of a pretty woman. It’s natural, it’s the way God made us, and it is not a sin to be human. We are not going to be condemned for being human. When men stop being desirous of women, then it will be the end of men and God’s plan. Because the first and foremost commandment God gave man was his sex drive.

No, we have to use common sense to figure things out. God is not going to make people human, then condemn them for being human. God is not going to give men sex drive, then condemn them for having it. For example if there were a lot of men, and no women around, the men would not suddenly lose their sex drive. Would they be sinners, because they still have their sex drive? They would be humans, and if there were no women around they would still have sex drives and have sex with each other. They can’t help it. That’s how God made them. It’s not a sin to be human.

But it is a sin to love self more than others, so men have to be able to curb themselves. For example, Jesus gives us a stern warning about hurting children, and He says if you can’t control your bodily functions, cut it off. Because you will go to hell for hurting children. The reason i say that adultery is a man made law is because we don’t need it. We have the Golden Rule. Now i understand that Jesus came and replaced all the old laws, everything, and He replaced it with a New Commandment, the Golden Rule.

St. John Chapter 13

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

That’s it. Forget about all the old laws, feasts, tabernacles, moons, Sabbaths, adultery, everything from the old laws are now condensed and God’s commandment to us is to love one another. Love God, love our neighbors and love ourselves. This is what is important to God. God has no interest in the sexual practices and goings on of animals, or people. People don’t look at their pets mating, and say “Oh look, she’s reaching back with her paw! It’s a sin!” It’s not a sin to be human, but if we try to suppress our own natural desires and drives, then that is unhealthy. Then people start feeling guilty, and they get confused, and they don’t know what to think. That is breaking Gods commandments, when we try to change our own natural desires, because God commanded us to be the way we are. All the man made laws that men wrote to control women and keep them suppressed and feeling guilty are thrown out.

And people aren’t worshiping their body more than God. They are doing what comes naturally, while still obeying all God’s commandments. It’s a natural healthy condition where people don’t feel dirty, guilty and sinful for being human.

So i believe that just as Jesus said, the two greatest commandments also concur with the New Commandment that Jesus gave us. Loving God and one another will get us into Heaven. Period. All those other commandments about Sabbaths and feasts and adultery, all those man made laws and traditions are now thrown out. Forget about all that stuff, preparation days and everything. Everything has been condensed into one New Commandment. This simplifies matters a lot, and makes it easy for people to understand. There is no confusion about what Jesus means when He tells us to “love one another”.

I begin to have a new understanding why God put people on Earth, because God told them to “replenish the Earth”. God wants lots of babies. Now i begin to see that God wants lots of babies, and that is why Satan keeps trying to kill them off.


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