The 1 Percenters

7 May

May 6, 2016

I mentioned that i have to rethink some of the things i thought i knew. Such as God’s perfect plan, formed before the foundation of the Earth. Before anything was formed, God made His Perfect Plan. And with God’s Perfect Plan, the best He could do is save about 1% of His children? What? that doesn’t make sense to me.

I am an advocate for natural, herbal remedies whenever possible. So this could be a conversation starter between people, how do you feel about giving marijuana to children? The question could come up. So, i would put it this way, as i stated before that marijuana is non-toxic, and so giving marijuana to kids is better than giving them toxic things. What are some of the toxic things that we give kids today? We give kids lots of toxicity, from the car polluted air they breathe, to the radiation pollution, just to name a few. But also toxic things we give kids include HPV vaccines, flu vaccines, MMR vaccines, any kind of vaccine is toxic. Isn’t it ironic that the government will mandate, and force kids to take toxic drugs, and yet act all shocked if you want to give kids some non toxic flowers. Kids get paralyzed, and injured, and suffer and die from vaccines. These things will never happen to kids who take marijuana. So what do you think we should give kids?

Other toxic things we give kids every day include second hand cigarette smoke, fluoride, artificial sweeteners and flavors and colors and vitamins and minerals, anything artificial is not food. Many food colorings are completely toxic, and we have no safeguards to tell what is in our food. Such as diet sweeteners such as aspartame that eat your brain away, they put this sweetener in regular drinks too, not just diet soda. They can do that because they also write the labeling laws, and they put it in there under “artificial flavors”, which can include anything they want. Other toxic things we give kids are their school lunches, pink slime, chicken mcsluggets? What? Why don’t we give kids real food, such as apples, and not apple flavored soda? Candy contains toxic items, preservatives, the packaging itself is toxic. The cold medicines, antidepressants, birth control devices, these things are all toxic to children. There are many more. But of course i don’t advocate being under the influence while on the job, or at school, while trying to learn. However, if they are teaching the kids wrong information, at school then what can it hurt if the kids smoke pot and don’t learn all the misinformation? Shouldn’t we reward them if they fail the tests on misinformation? If people don’t want to give kids anything harmful, then they shouldn’t give kids anything that is harmful, or toxic at all. Period.


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