Too HIgh Tech To Fail

6 May

May 5, 2016

REcently i have been very amazed watching how Americans keep voting for a bankrupt billionaire who spews hatred and racism and bigotry everywhere he goes. First of all, why would anyone want a failed bankrupt businessman to run the most important job in the country? And then, why would people even tolerate someone so hateful, and want him for their leader? It’s insane. Why would people vote for a tool for president? Then i thought about the other day when we learned that Satan is the king of the losers. The Donald is the king of the tools. All the Americans who are tools love Donald, and so they vote for him. Now i see. But i see more than i want to see, and i begin to understand that there is something more going on. Because Donald is just another one of those guys from the billionaires club, the guys who run everything. I already know what’s going to happen. I don’t have to be able to see into the future. I just look into the past.

Now i can excuse the young people who are just entering into the “political system” because they are not experienced and they have not yet seen what is transpiring. However, for people my age, i feel there is no excuse for them to be fooled by the politicians. Me, for example, this is my fifteenth presidential election year that i have been through. And i can tell you, and everyone who has also witnessed the past 14 elections can tell you, that no matter who gets elected, nothing is going to change. It never does. People think their votes count, and that’s not excuseable for people in my generation, because if they were paying any attention at all, then they would know our votes don’t count for anything, and they never have, in my lifetime. Just go back a very few years to Al Gore winning the popular vote, and still losing the election, in a special “recount”. Do you know why Bush won that election, in the courts? Because the billionaires club controls who wins the presidency. There is no “voting” process. It’s all a sham. As i said, people my age should know better. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me fifteen times, uhhh, . . .? I remember as a teenager my step dad got very mad because he came home from worked and got all cleaned up and dressed up to go vote, and before he even made it to the polls, they announced on the radio the winner was already selected. So i have witnessed for years the fake elections. It’s all BS.

How can this be? How can they control who wins the election? I will tell you how they do it. They control everything.

The people that control the presidential elections control everything. They control the price of silver, gold, the stock market, they control the jobs market, the economy, worldwide, they control the price of every kind of fuel, they control all the banking, the control the prices at McDonalds for a slimeburger, they control the real estate market and the housing market and values, they can raise them or they can crash them.

They control the taxes, the healthcare insurance prices, they control who gets healthcare and who gets cancelled. They control the military, the congress, the senate, the white house, the pentagon, the air force, marines, navy, etc, the cub scouts and the girl scouts. When it comes to election time, they control all the media, they control all the messages on the media, they control who gets to run in the election, who gets to “win” the election, and they get all the money donated for themselves. They control the voting machines, they control who programs the voting machines, the control the people who run the voting centers, and they can control the outcome of the voting machines. And, they have it set up so that there is no possible way to verify the vote to see if it was tampered with. Since they control the courts, then if by some chance a strange entity that was not their chosen candidate somehow won the election, they would take it to court and still win. There is no way these people who control everything, the Federal Reserve, etc etc etc are going to let some peoples candidate slip in and cost them everything they have, and they’ll just relinquish control. There is no possible way. People will get killed before that happens.

As i said, i have been through many election years, and everytime, it is the same. BS promises that no candidate ever keeps, year after year after year. Wars are started, and they never end. New wars are started up at random, and they never end. Every election, they change the cleaning staff at the white house, but business as usual goes on the same every time, and it never changes. For the past few years we keep getting the same people over and over again. bush sr bush jr clinton, ms clinton, the same few people have controlled the politics and white house for years, and they still do, and they still will after this “fake election” is over. Because it’s all a sham. It’s all a charade. Everyone could stay home from the election, and Clinton would probably still win 30 states to 20, or something ridiculous like that.

But people are so foolish, they think their vote actually counts, they actually think it matters. As i said, for young folks who have no experience, they have an excuse for not knowing any better. But for people who have been lied to and deceived blatantly for the past 40-50 years, every election, and have not figured it out yet, well, they have no excuse for not knowing better.

So i guess maybe i wasn’t sent to make sure everyone doesn’t receive mandatory vaccinations, and help them learn to protect themselves against their own government. I told them about it, and now i guess i am just to sit back and watch as these people go and keep eating meat, and keep getting their mandatory vaccinations, and keep on thinking that they have a political system and their vote actually counts, and watch themselves elect themselves a tool for president, and then see what happens after that. It should be quite a show.


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