War Games

5 May

May 5, 2016

I was thinking how America goes around the world bombing other countries, killing people, women, children, blowing up their houses and burning them, and Americans don’t even care. Even the military pilots and fighters go around killing people without care. Why? Because they are told to do whatever they are told without thinking. That is not a man, that goes around doing things without thinking. God gave man a brain to think, and to be a man, not to go around “doing things without thinking”. Stupid Americans. Since Americans don’t care about killing people in other countries, then we really can’t feel sorry for them if they start getting bombed and killed in their own country, either. That’s what they do. They reap what they sow. The get whatever they deserve. People who only understand violence can only be dealt with violently, because that’s all they understand.

I watched the video of the Russian jets flying over the USS Donald Cooked, which looked like it was DIW, with everyone standing around on the deck. I recognize that maneuver from when i was in the Navy and we were in the war games. I was on the USS Hector, a noncombatant. There were a few other washed out nukes onboard as well. A friend of mine in the electronics shop was a former nuclear submarine operator, but the XO walked in the compartment while everyone was doing lines of coke, and so he was also on the USS HEctor. Since we were a non-combatant, we were not allowed to play in the war games. However, the captain of our ship told us that as we were returning from overseas to the US that we were going to be going into the war games area. They told us that even though we could not play, we were going to try and sneak into the area. Later that evening, after dark, i went out on deck to smoke, and a jet flew right over the top of our ship, about 50 feet overhead. I knew when we didn’t make it into the war games, we already got sunk. That looks like the same thing the Russian jets are playing with the Donald Cook. Maybe the Donald Cook was trying to sneak up on Russia, and they got caught.


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