The Square Moon Theory

4 May

May 3, 2016

Some people think the Earth is round, some people think it is a blob, but i think it must be a square.

Revelation Chapter 7

AND after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

Here on Earth, while we are playing around the four corners, we can do all sorts of things. WE can walk with our feet on the ground, we can run, we can get in the water and flap our arms and legs and swim. We can also get a bike, and ride it, or we can get a kite, and sail. Or we can take a car and drive, or a boat in the water, or even get on a plane and fly in the air. When we walk, our feet push against the ground and move us, when we swim, our arms push against the water and move us, or in a bike or car, our wheels push against the ground and move us. If we want to drive in the water, we put on a marine motor and a propellor to push against the water, and to fly we also use a propellor and wings. Pretty fun stuff.

Now lets say that we built a road that went straight up to outerspace, a few hundred miles long bridge. Ok, lets first walk up the bridge, but by the time you get up to a few thousand feet, it will be so cold you will freeze to death! If you will freeze in the upper atmosphere, don’t you think that you will certainly be frozen solid by the time you get to outerspace? If you feel “cold” at less than forty degrees fahrenheit, don’t you think you will feel cold at -300 degrees? Theres no way anyone could survive taking the bridge all the way to outerspace. If you did, when you got to the end of the bridge, you would just float off. If you had some speed going up, then you would be launched into outerspace, and nothing could stop you. Because there is nothing in outerspace. There is no ground to push on, no air to push against, no water to push against, there is nothing to push against. There is nothing that exists that can push against nothing, and make you go, or make you stop. There is no such thing. It is completely impossible.

We can see that its impossible for man to even walk up a bridge to outerspace and survive. Some people have this weird idea that you could go to outerspace only if you are wearing an “outerspace suit”. This will keep you alive LOL. This is what makes outerspace travel possible, outerspace suits. Now if you somehow managed not to freeze to death and made it to outerspace with your space suit on, now you have another big problem. What are you going to do, take off your spacesuit pants to take a dump? You can’t, because as soon as you unzip your spacesuit all your air gets out and you start sucking in huge gulps of vacuum. So i guess, once you are in outerspace, you will never be able to take off your spacepants, so you are just going to have to keep all that urine and feces inside your suit. That seems like it would get a little bit messy. It seems like you would be kind of a floating shit capsule in space.

Well i mentioned before that without God, i can do nothing, and i was thinking also that without God, i know nothing either. It’s only through God that i am able to do anything at all. I don’t really know if the EArth is round, or square, or a blob, or what. But if i have time i might read the Book of Enoch again, because Enoch describes how all the stars and planets and winds and everything circle around and over the Earth. That might help me understand more, if the Earth is round or whatever. But really, quite frankly, i don’t care what the exact shape of the Earth is. As many famous politicians will throw up their hands and say “What difference does it make?” Who )*)&^)*(&&*& cares?


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