Measuring The Voltage Of The Sky

4 May

May 3, 2016


I was thinking of the theory of extracting current flow from the sky, with the sky being positive and the EArth being a ground. It’s like the sky is charged with electricity, and sometimes it builds up so much that it arcs down to Earth. And that is what we call lightning. I thought about Ben Franklin’s kite experiment where he got electricity supposedly from a lightning storm. But what if you flew an aluminum foil kite with a string soaked in salt water, and then measured the voltage on the string, with the EArth as ground. Perhaps even without lightning we can extract electricity from the sky. A kite on a string would be one good way to measure. But then i thought if you wanted to measure the voltage of the sky, you could get everything you need to test it from Safeway. Some string, some salt, and an aluminum helium filled balloon. Then you could send the balloon skyward, and monitor the voltage coming down on the string. If there was a voltage, then you could install a transformer to earth ground, and use free electricity from the sky. However, you would want to install some type of current limiting, and shunting capabilities, because it could be possible to draw enough current to burn up your string and everything you have hooked to it, including your hand. If that worked, then we could put free energy balloons on everybodys houses! Everybody could get free electricity from the sky! Wouldn’t that be funny!


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