King Me

4 May

May 3, 2016

I thought about, what if the US government declared martial law, then put up prison wire camps, and then soldiers start machine gunning unarmed people, and the soldiers would be raping the women and children. Then i thought, it would be just like GAza, here in America. Americans might think if that happened to them that other countries and people around the world would come to their rescue. But no one goes to rescue GAza, why would they rescue Americans? That would not happen. They should not count on that happening. But if that did happen to Americans, the Israelis took over and turned America into another Gaza, then it seems like it would be somewhat befitting, doesn’t it. If it’s allowed to exist and go on in Gaza, it will only spread, because there is nothing to stop it.


gaza (1)

I mentioned before that no engines that we have on EArth will work in outerspace to power any thing. Take a rocket engine for example. The exhaust from the rocket pushes against the ground and the air and forces the rocket into the air. For an example, test this theory out with a bottle rocket. If there were no air to push against, the rocket would not move, because first of all, in outerspace, there is no air so the rocket engine could not even burn. But also, there is no air for it to push against, so even if you could get it to ignite and burn it’s fuel, it would just be stationary, burning and not moving. Why? Because there is nothing to “react” against. A rocket engine is designed to work in an atmosphere. That’s how it works. It is not designed to work where there is no atmosphere, and it would not work without an atmosphere to work in. It would be like running an outboard motor in the air. It ain’t going to move your boat.

Now reality is still the same, here on Earth, and in outerspace. So if it is true here on Earth, it is also going to be true in space. That means if it works in outerspace, then it is also going to work here on Earth. That means that if there was technology that could generate propulsion without pushing against the air or against water or the ground, or against anything solid, then it could be demonstrated here on Earth. Because if it works in outerspace, then it has to also work here on Earth. If some technology could move a spaceship without pushing against anything in outerspace, it could also do it here on Earth. But, we already know that all this space travel nonsense really is just science fiction! None of it is true! It’s total BS and fairy tales and painted pictures and drawings! Isn’t it funny that people actually used to believe in this nonsense?


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