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3 May

May 2, 2016

The other day when reading this article, the following statement caught my attention about the predictions and methods of Keshe:”The events are unconnected, and while there is no scientific or official support for Dr Keshe’s claims some subscribers to his theories suggest his “mega quake” could happen as soon as Saturday, October 17.” What this is saying is that Keshe’s predictions and teachings are not based on science, and they have no support. What does this mean? This means that this is just some stuff he made up! That’s all it is! Something he pulled out of his astronaut suit, or something. It’s not based on science, and it’s not based on anything at all, but there are some people who believe this stuff he just made up could really happen by October 17! What? Sure a lot of weird stuff going on. One guy warning us that we had 500 days to avoid climate catastrophe, then Keshe warns us we had ten days back in October. Now i read where Keshe has told people that he can cure people from comas, and he’ll do it for 750,000 euros! or something like that. Not only that, Keshe announced that he is the mesiah! Wbat a big letdown!

Who did Keshe harm?

Keshe says he is the mesiah

More scam artists exposed!


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