Can America Survive A Trump Assassination?

2 May

May 1, 2016

Or will it be the cause of the US declaring martial law, and installing a dictatorship government and throwing protestors into FEMA camps? Now i read that ol’ Donald is part of a Freemasonry attempt at running for president. Of all the things we learned, we learned that whenever the Freemasons are involved, it is some kind of fake hoax and trickery going on. Every time. A few examples i can think of are the Apollo moon landing hoax, more recent examples are Sandy Hoax, and the fake shooting in San Bernadino and the fake shooting in Roseburg, and even more recently, the Malheur county clown show, and the fake shooting of so-called Lavoy Finicum. These are just a few examples, many that have happened just a few weeks ago.

As Jesus tells us, be wise as serpents.

St. Matthew Chapter 10

16 ¶ Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

In other words, we need to outfox the foxes. Why? Because they are going to try and deceive us, as we have already demonstrated. So we need to pay attention. For example, we discussed how the Illuminati use the tehnique of dividing and conquering. As we can clearly see, this is exactly what the Illuminati presidential candidate does, he tries to divide the people and make them hate each other. Now i don’t know when Donald thought that America was great, or when it was no longer great, or why, and i have no idea what his idea is to make it “great again”. That’s just some bulls*** logo. When Donald has to read his own foreign policy ideas off of a teleprompter, then you know he is nothing more than a shill, a puppet. If Donald wanted to make America great, he would try to bring people together, not divide them apart. As we can see, he goes around the country, pitting people against one another. If Donald was going to do something great for America, he would teach brotherly love, not hatred. It’s a pretty sad tale of the tape when the leading candidate is running on a hate platform. If Donald wanted to make America great and strong, he would not divide the country. But as we said, the Freemasons involvement means that it is somekind of fake hoax trickery BS nonsense going on again. NOw once we learn the MO of these snakes, and how they operate, it’s not too hard to be wiser than serpents. Serpents are not known for their great wisdom. Serpents are more well known for making good boots, and belts, and hatbands, and for stomping on.

So we can see the Freemasons running false flag events and hoaxes, from the Bundy ranch, all the way up to Oregon, and all across this once great nation that’s now devolved into a mosh pit of Jerry Springer audience members. What is the end game, and when? Sooner or later, the sheep will awaken, and when they do, what will happen? Will the elite just surrender and give up? This can’t go on forever, and i think everything that has been happening is leading up to something. As Windows 10 alerts you on a system error “Something happened”. I think this is all leading up to another false flag shooting event, like Malheur was set up to be, before it was exposed. Only this time, it will be a presidential candidate supposedly “assasinated” and the news will probably read like this “Today Donald was assasinated by a lone wolf gunman who left a manifesto and there was no autopsy and the family requested a private burial so there is no body, no funeral and there is no burial site either. Because of this the president had to declare martial law in the US and United Nations troops are on the ground arresting protesters and putting them into FEMA camps”. Because the fakery can’t go on forever, and it has to be leading up to something. And if we think real hard, we might be able to figure out what that “something” is. Granted, Americans have gummed up the works pretty good in their brains, and some have memory holes as though worms had made swiss cheese out of their brains. But even so, if we do what Jesus commanded us, to be wise as serpents, then we can still easily defeat Satan’s sissies. Satan’s sissies are no match for the Son of Man and the sons and daughters of God.


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