Aluminum Hat Design Ideas

25 Apr

April 24, 2016


I had an interesting thought that Scripture doesn’t give us much of an idea of what Heaven is like. We only seem to get an idea that it is a Garden. But what is interesting is that we have a lot of descriptions of what hell is like. We have a good idea of what hell is like -smoke and brimfire, torment and suffering that never ends. I believe the reason we are told about why hell is so horrible is so that we will take steps to avoid it. It’s really not punishment, if you were told beforehand what would happen to you, and you did it anyway. It was not a punishment, it was a choice that you made, because you could have avoided it.

I learned about a lot of different ways that people do unhealthy things to their bodies, through food, water, poison pollutions, and so-called “medicines” and vaccines. Poor people don’t stand a chance. All the poisons and garbage they eat and inject themselves with. And i thought with all those heavy metals in the brains, mercury and even non-heavy metals such as aluminum, that can’t be very good for people to transmit cell phone transmitters right next to their heads. After all, their brain is responsible for them eating, and drinking, breathing, and thinking, things like that. No one would ever recommend putting your head next to the microwave oven while it is cooking. Of course not! Neither would people tell you to go stand in front of a microwave transmitter either, because it can’t be good for you. Even if it doesn’t cause people to have tumors in their brains, it can’t be good for them, and it can still cause other damage besides tumors. An example would be that every time you talk on the cell phone for say ten minutes, you cook a certain amount of your brain cells with the radiation. I recommend some sort of shielding. People wear gloves, hand protection, they wear boots, and chaps, and pads. They wear hearing protection, eye protection, hard hat protection. So why would people not do anything to protect their brainz?

I have talked before about how Heavenly Mother told me to “enjoy my suffering”, and what that means to me. I begin to see that it has changed my way of thinking. Such as if some people were my enemies and they did mean things to me, i wouldn’t hate them for causing me suffering. No, i couldn’t hate them, because they are making me a saint! They are teaching me fruits of the Spirit, such as learning to be patient and so forth. And also, if i pray to God and ask to suffer a little bit for God, how can i suffer then without my enemies doing ornery things to me? So i learn to appreciate those people who would be my enemies, and i pray for them that they will also be saved. She has definitely changed my ways of thinking.

I was thinking about how the laws and the courts all seem to favor those who have money. I don’t know who made laws making it a common practice to “sue” people, but i think that whole practice should be outlawed. I also don’t think that record producing companies should be the middle men for musicians, and leech most of the musicians money. The middle man had nothing to do with the creativity, and yet they suck all the profits, and they want everyone to pay ten bucks for a song. I bet when a musician dies the record company gets to keep all the profits from their music sales after they die. It’s probably written into their contracts. And even the bankruptcy laws favor the rich, even though you’d think bankruptcy would tend to favor poor folks. Such as that poor ol’ billionaire Donald. What a sob story that whole affair is with the bankrupt casinos. How can a billionaire go bankrupt, and still end up being a billionaire, you ask? I bet there are lots of ways for billionaires to go bankrupt. For one example, they could go to bankruptcy court and say “Boo hoo hoo, after work i went blew all my casino profits in my own slot machines! Boo hoo hoo!” The bankrupt court judge would say “There there now, it’s going to be OK. You poor thing, you lost one of your billions, and you only had a few to begin with. So we’ll give you a few billions to make up for that.” Then the billionaire gets his own money out of his slot machines, puts it in a secret bank account, then he gets the billions from the bankruptcy court, and writes off all his debts, and an amazing thing happens! The billionaire is even richer after he goes bankrupt than he was before! The more money he lost, the richer he became!

But on the other hand, if some poor college graduate goes to bankruptcy court and tells the bankrupt judge “Boo hoo hoo, i paid 50 grand for a bad education, and now i can’t even get a job to pay for my student loan, and i don’t even have very much food to eat! Boo hoo hoo!” And the judge would say to them “Get out of here you bum! Didn’t you see that sign out front that says No Student Loan Bankruptcies! Now go out of here and get a job so we can garnish your wages for life! “ Then that judge probably go out and eat lunch at the casino, for free. But i think the students should be entitled to a money back guarantee. If they didn’t get what they paid for, a quality education, then they should have the right to a full refund, otherwise the educators are guilty of defrauding them. Teaching kids that the Earth spins around and all that evolution nonsense, kids shouldn’t have to pay a few thousand dollars to get lied to and taught false and wrong information. That’s just not right. Economics, oh sure. There is no such thing as economics. It’s just bankers controlling the economy behind the scenes and calling it the “shemitah cycle”. I feel bad for those students. They get their heads filled up with fairy tales and pure nonsense, then they become indebted for life for it. It’s just not right. I think college makes people stupid. For example, during my lifetime, the US has been bombing and shooting people all over the world. The US has tons of money for guns and bombs and planes and ships etc, but they don’t have any money for schools. The people have no decent schools for their own kids, and yet they see the US blowing up people the world over, but they still cannot figure out why there is no money for schools. They went to college and got “educated”, but they still can’t figure out why there is no money for schools. It must be due to some “economics law” that they learned in college, or maybe it’s the shemitah year. But instead of figuring it out and fixing it, it gets worse and worse every year. Schools are no longer “institutions”. They are being closed down and turned into rental halls and such.

Finally i begin to understand what Jesus was saying in Matthew. Sometimes i understand things instantly, sometimes i have to think and think and figure things out, and sometimes i develop understanding gradually, over weeks, even months, and often times it comes about with certain events in my life that help me to develop the understanding. Now i can relate to this Scripture

St. Matthew Chapter 24

45 Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? 46 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. 47 Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods. 48 But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; 49 And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; 50 The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, 51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

My personal interpretation is that God had a wise and faithful servant that was set up to feed his sheep at some future date – in due season. So perhaps God had arranged for this servant prior to the due season, such as maybe appearing to the servant in 2003. God had arranged for this servant to feed his flock in ten years time, in due season. But if that servant, instead of being ready to serve those sheep in due season, 2013, ten years later, he was out getting drunk and getting into fights at the bars instead of waiting for God, then that servant would be cut asunder, and sent off with the hypocrites. This makes much clearer sense to me now. But it also causes me some confusion too. Because according to the way this Scripture is written, it would seem to indicate that our destiny is not preordained, and unchangeable. It would seem to indicate that our destiny depends on what we do, day to day, not that it is fixed and unchangeable. This seems to indicate that we could select our own destiny, depending on our own actions. That servant had a choice.

Also i must point out that in St. Matthew Chapter 24 we can clearly see that where the hypocrites are, there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. We don’t want to be convicted of being hypocrites. So i would recommend that any teacher at any church who thinks that “everyone is a hypocrite” or that just because everyone else is being a hypocrite then they can too, read St. Matthew Chapter 23 and 24 and read what Jesus said about hypocrites. Jesus does not condone hypocrites. He warns us beforehand that where they hypocrites go there is a lot of “wailing and gnashing of teeth”. Therefore it’s very important if we preach Christianity that we practice it, and keep all God’s commandments. Anything less would be hypocritical.


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