I Will Not Be Afraid Of Music. It Can’t Hurt Me.

23 Apr

April 23, 2016

I was thinking about how when it comes to believing in God, all we have to go on is Faith. We don’t have any “concrete” evidence to prove the existence of God. So we must depend on our faith. God made me to understan this is why it’s important to believe in God. Faith is a measure of how much we believe in God. If we believe in God very strongly, we will have a lot of faith. Others may not have any belief in God, and they will not have any faith at all. If we know God as our personal friend who told us when we die we can go live in HEaven with Him, then we would have a lot of faith. I thought about some people who don’t have very much faith. Some people may have a lot of earthly riches that they would not want to give up, and pass by on Jesus offer to be saved. Such as the man who wanted to be a disciple but didn’t want to give up his earthly riches. I find it somewhat ironic that people with little or no faith in God would not want to give up the things that God already gave them! Because they don’t believe in God enough to know that He will repay them much much more in Heaven. I had an idea of a person dying, clutching money, because they chose money over God. HOw sad would that be! I don’t know why it is set up this way, but being saved and going to Heaven all comes down to how much we believe in God, and Jesus.

The other day i mentioned about what is required of us in order for us to be saved. There seems to be some confusion. We read Jesus said that if we keep the two main commandments then we will live. But Jesus also told us other things as well. A few verses come to mind where Jesus said that only those who “do the will of His Father” will enter Heaven. This means those who keep God’s commandments. Jesus told us that those who hear His words, and “do them” are the wise men who built their houses on a rock. Jesus also told us that those who heard HIs words and “did not do them” were the foolish men who built their houses on the sand, and the tide came in and the houses fell down flat. So we must keep God’s commandments. Now the first and greatest commandment of all is to love God with all our heart, mind and soul power. Therefore, if we love God this much, we will keep all HIs commandments, every single one we can find. Of course we will, just like if we were married we would keep all the wishes of our spouse. We would not keep some commandments, and not keep others. This would be the same thing as building your house partly on the rock, and partly on the sand. LIkewise, conversely, if we don’t keep all of God’s commandments, this would indicate that we do not love God with all our power. This would indicate that we were guilty of breaking the first and greatest commandment. So again, if we believe in God greatly, then we have great faith, and we keep all His commandments, the best that we can. Therefore, i just urge everyone to do the best that they can. I can’t convince everyone to believe in everything that i know. So i recommend that whatever people believe in that they pray to God and ask God to spare them from eternal hell fire. Because for one reason is, everyone is different, and not everyone is going to have the same amount of faith and or knowledge of God. And if people actually knew the Truth, as i do, then there wouldn’t be any need of faith, because then they would all just know the Truth. Pray to God for mercy, because we are all sinners.

As i had mentioned before, Scripture tells us God’s ears are closed to sinners. He does not hear their prayers. People need to repent of their sins, and keep God’s commandments, then God will answer all their prayers. But they won’t be praying for things like winning the lottery and such earthly, vain things. But they will be praying to carry out the will of God, what ever it is. They will be learning and keeping all God’s commandments. A good example might be of a teacher in a classroom. If the students are unruly and disobedient and not paying attention, then the teacher will probably leave the classroom. The same way with God. If people disrespect God and are disobedient, abusing and accusing their brethrens, and they are trying to make a mockery of that which is Holy, then God is going to also leave. It’s just a waste of time. If God leaves because people offended God, then i don’t think God will be returning very soon, if at all. Why do i say this? Because we are told in Scripture not to cast our pearls before the swine, and not to give that which is holy unto dogs. God is not going to waste time on people who aren’t interested in listening and learning. There’s no sense in it. I concur. But not only that, as i mentioned previously, this is a commandment that God gave us, and we need to keep all of God’s commandments that we can. Why do we not cast our pearls before the swine? Because they will trample them, and then turn and rend us. Why? Because they are pigs. That’s what they do. When i see people trying to defile what is Holy from God, it makes me feel sick to my stomach, just like when i know people are lying to me. But that’s what we see Satan at work doing everyday, trying to ruin it for everybody because of a just a few.

St. Matthew Chapter 7 Jesus said

6 ¶ “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. “


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