Let’s Have A Party!

16 Apr

April 16, 2016

When God says that if we want people to believe us the best thing to do is be a good example, what is a good example? A good example is someone who keeps God’s commandments, and does their best every day. We could think of some children as an example. Let’s say their parents dropped off several children at the fair so they could play for a few hours. The parents might tell their children that they can eat anything they want, except meat. The obedient children will obey their parents. But what about the disobedient children? Will the parents take them home, build a bonfire and put the kids in it, and start pouring gas on it, and stuff? I don’t think so. I sure hope not!

But that depends on what the disobedient children did, too. They may deserve something like that, in some cases. But if we keep God’s commandments, as Jesus taught us, to love God and our neighbors, then we will live in eternal life. As Jesus said, Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and power. God can discern how much you love God. Other people cannot discern how much you love God. This is another reason that we cannot judge people, because we cannot discern the things that God can. I was beginning to think that at some point, people will choose between either following Satan or following God. Those who follow Satan will be those on the left hand side of God, and they will literally follow Satan headlong into hell, and burn, for ever and ever. On the other hand, will be those who chose to follow God, and they are on the right hand side of God, even if they were not perfect. And i believe they will literally follow Jesus, into Heaven. But this is not gospel that i am preaching. This is my own musings as i try to reach my own understanding.

God taught me more understanding, because God said that another reason that we are supposed to keep God’s commandments is because if we don’t, it will lead us to have a sad life. And this we can clearly see for ourselves is true. Before i mentioned that both my daughters were born to their mother, who smoked marijuana during pregnancy. Of course we know marijuana is completely harmless but it has good medicinal qualities. For example, i remember when my daughters would be inside their moms tummy, all jumping around, and upset and moving around, and then after their mom had a couple bong hits, the baby would calm right down and relax, listening to music. It didn’t hurt them at all, and i believe people ingest a lot worse things into their bodies during pregnancy than marijuana, such as vaccinations and legal, over the counter drugs, not to mention all the garbage people eat in their food.

I begin to see a tactic used by people to control other people. They pit people against one another. For this example, lets use the democrats and republicans. First, everyone is divided into two groups. They are given slightly different ideals to follow, which are slightly opposing one another. Then, the controlling people will go to the democrats and say to them “Those republicans called you guys a bunch of liberals”. The controlling people will go to the other side, and do the same thing. All they have to do is pit the people against each other, then step back and watch them and laugh evilly, as the people are now pitted against each other. It’s easy to pit people against each other, but it’s not so easy to unpit them.

I sure am glad i am an American, and not living in Germany. Germany is horrible! The government in Germany will allow people to go about freely raping women and children. And yet, the German rats government will put people in jail and send them to court for telling a joke. But this is very dangerous for the German government. I know some people who if their daughters got raped, they would take a rope and some of their friends and have a lynch party, and hang those responsible. If government is not in place to protect it’s citizens, it should not be in place.

Revelation Chapter 3

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.


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