How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

16 Apr

April 15, 2016

I have seen some very strange things and i began to think that perhaps i have already died, and now i am in some sort of strange limbo land. I’m pretty sure i didn’t die yet, but it’s kind of like living in a dream, partly. Kind of like i am partly living in reality, and partly in a dream, sort of. Because it seems like we are always dreaming. When we go to sleep at night we dream. And when we wake up, reality is like a dream. How can you tell that reality is different than a dream? And then again, all day long we go around daydreaming. So i guess merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

I’ve been doing more thinking about things and i begin to realize that things are not adding up to zero. Now if we want to make good decisions about our lives, then we want to make sure we have a firm grasp of reality. Because if we don’t have a good concept of reality, we can’t make good decisions. Now if our reality has been intentionally warped, then we have big problems, because we can’t make good decisions. But how do we know? We are, whether we like it or not, a product of our environment. For example, think about some children and they run up to their parents and want to play, and the parents tell those children to go sit down and watch TV. And so perhaps the child becomes programmed to watch TV. Perhaps because the child’s parents are unavailable, the TV becomes a surrogate parent to the child. This child is a product of his environment. If those parents had instead spent time with the child, the child would have turned out differently. And that’s the thing, because if the child is taught wrong, then there is no way the child can make good decisions and make the best they possbily can out of their life. It’s just not possible, because they don’t have a good foundation with which to build upon. Their sense of reality could be some warped view of a variety of different TV shows, and nothing at all like real life reality. Is it their fault they turned out like that? Is it their fault if their mother got drunk when she was pregnant? Alcohol as we know is a deadly poison. Some children get fetal alcohol syndrome if their mother drinks during pregnancy, because alcohol is such a deadly poison. But i will say this, that the mother of my daughters smoked marijuana during their pregnancy, and all my daughters turned out to be geniuses. So what does that tell you? It tells us what we already know. Marijuana is not a poison, it’s not harmful. It has no toxicity.

What am i getting at? Well, as i said, i’ve been adding things up and they are not adding up to zero. I talked about how Scripture says to “prove everything”, and it also tells us to show ourselves to be workmen, and study the scriptures and discern them. So we do. Then we saw that subjecting people does not go along with the Scripture, Do unto others. Subjecting others is not good, so we do not keep it. Great. That was a great blessing from God that He revealed that to us. I am eternally grateful to God. Now we begin to see that there are errors in the HOly Bible! Now what? What does this mean? Aren’t we taught that God’s Word is infallible? Not every word in the HOly Bible is God’s Word. Many of them are Moses’s words, Pauls words, Daniels words and so forth. We are not taught that Pauls words are infallible. Of course not. Men are not infallible. Only God’s Word is infallible. But since men wrote the Bible, how can anything be infallible? Unless of course you had a strange situation where you wanted to change some of the verses in the Bible, and so you printed them out the way you wanted to change them, but when they came out of the printer, they were exactly as written before! That would be infallible. Now all of a sudden we go from believing that God’s Word is infallible to realizing there are errors in the Bible, and now we must discern them! Now how can we believe anything in Scripture? Of course we discern everything by Jesus teaching us. How can Jesus teach us Scripture if we go and ask some men to teach us instead and listen to them instead of Jesus? We are completely reliant on God for all our discernment. Only God can reveal anything to us. God can reveal Truth to us through other people, but if so, it’s because we asked Him to reveal the Truth to us. How do we know this? Because we have faith in God, like a rock. It’s unmoveable and we know it. I have been blessed with a great advantage that most people have not been given, yet. And that is, i know God. I know God is very, very real. When you know God, and you know God is going to save you, and already has, you no longer fear dying. People are only afraid of dying if they think they might go to hell, or if they don’t know where they are going. But if people know they are going to go to Heaven when they die, it doesn’t scare them.

However, being forced to recognize that there are errors in the Bible causes me to rethink my thinking. For example we saw that Paul teaching others to subject women is not supported by Scripture, and so we don’t keep it. Now we must know, did Paul really say this, or did some people change the Bible later to make it look like Paul said that? I believe if Paul really was a disciple of Jesus then he would not teach subjecting women, because this is not Scriptural, and therefore Jesus would not have taught it either. So i tend to believe somebody changed it later to make it look like Paul said that. But again, we have big problems now, because how can we believe anything Paul said? When we read something that Jesus said, how can we know if Jesus really said that, or if someone changed it? We can’t. Except by discernment, having it revealed to us by God, through understanding. That’s not as easy as it sounds, and it comes down to being revealed to us, in the proper time, through the grace of God. This is why we pray to God for understanding.

But now everything in the Bible has been called into question and so we must weigh everything and make the best discernment we can. Great. Having been forced to realize this has caused me to reevaluate my position and some of my beliefs. We can no longer just take all Scriptures at face value. We must take them all with a grain of salt. While some Scriptures we know to be True, others have yet to be revealed to us. As we can see, all these things do not add up to zero nicely. Now we can kind of see that the Word of God seems to be somewhat liquid in nature. This is somewhat of good news for people who take Scripture literally and emphatically, because it means we don’t have to do so in all Scripture, necessarily. And it’s good news for me, because it causes me to change my narrow vision i have to a wider view, to a different dimension. For example, if Scripture says that “few will find the way”, we don’t need to panic. We can relax, and not worry about it. It could be a mistranslation, an intentional change, an honest mistake, or it could be the truth, and yet mean something different than what we think. Such as it could mean that only a “few will find the way”, but this does not rule out that many people will not follow those few. Even though they did not find the way, billions could follow the few who did find it. This makes me look at some Scriptures differently. For example, when we read about Jesus with those on His left hand, the goats, and those on His Right Hand, the ones ordained before the foundation of the world, there is no indication of how many there are on either hand. There could be only a very few on His Left Hand. This is what we hope for, and pray for.

Because as i said, we help people whenever we can. How? The best way is by praying for them. So we pray daily. I decided to change my tack, and instead of pointing out the wrongs that i see people do, i am mainly going to encourage everyone to develop a prayer relationship with God, whatever they believe in God. Maybe they don’t know Jesus yet, maybe God has not revealed it to them yet. I would suggest people would pray to God to have mercy on them, and to teach them the Truth, and to not let them miss out on being saved. Then listen for God to reveal what He wants you to know, and do the best you can. Speaking from experience, i cannot say that the same things that apply to me apply to you, or anyone else, or vice versa. Now that we know that God is real, we can all have great faith praying to God, and pray that He will not abandon us just because we are small and weak and ignorant, and we have been greatly deceived.

That’s what i was trying to get around to, finally. Because as i wrote earlier, a child who is a product of his environment can’t be fully blamed for being the way he is! So i thought, first of all, it doesn’t seem to me that there is anything that we could do in our short time here on Earth that God would condemn us to hell for eternity. It’s too long of a time. We are not here long enough to be able to commit enough crimes, i wouldn’t think. But if people are guilty of sin, how else can they enter Heaven? Can they? I begin to think that people who are guilty of sin will have to be cleansed by fire, before they can enter Heaven. That’s my guess, my thoughts at this time. I don’t know. But perhaps sin is a crime punishable for eternity! But is that just? If God is just, can that be His judgment? I don’t know. I know people have tampered with the Bible, and i know people have given God a bad rap. So if a man is judged by his works, and that man is a product of his environment, having been brought up wrong and taught everything wrong, how can he be held accountable for having been deceived, and mistreated, and taught wrong and making a bunch of mistakes? I think that if God is just, that deceived person cannot be held fully accountable. It’s not entirely his fault. So can God sentence His children to eternity in hell for having been deceived? Maybe. Would He? I don’t know, but i don’t think so.

I also realized that Scripture says that whoever believes in Jesus will not perish. There is no mention that whosoever believes in Scotty will not perish, or whoever believes in Jimi, or whoever believes in Janie, or anybody else, for that matter. Only Jesus. So we shouldn’t frustrate ourselves if people do not believe us. Many people did not believe Jesus, so they will never believe us. But Scripture does not tell us that we need to make others believe. However, if we want others to believe us, the best thing to do would be to set a good example. Now i would never tell people that it’s ever OK to disobey any of God’s commandments. If God says “This is what you will eat for food” then i will obey God’s commandments. I think most prudent people would. I mean, if it comes to being able to enter Heaven, would people not willingly give up everything they have? I find it odd that i have to try to convince people to have some enthusiasm for keeping God’s commandments. I shouldn’t have to do that. Why are people willing to risk eternity in Heaven, for a piece of dead flesh, here on Earth? I mean, really. Come on. For example, if i worked in a restaurant and i served someone a burger. After they ate a few bites of the burger, if i came and told them that there was a chance that there was Ecoli on that burger, and they might die if they eat it, they would probably start spitting it out and give it back. However, if i told them that if they eat that dead flesh then they might lose their spiritual life, those same people would probably laugh and scoff, and risk losing their spiritual life, offhand, without even thinking about it. I guess i’m funny. I seem to be different than everybody else. Such as, i could care less about my physical life, but i am very concerned with keeping my spiritual life. I think people should be too, and if there are any commandments, keep them all. Because we can gamble with our physical lives every day, but we never want to gamble with our spiritual lives, they last forever. So i think people should keep all God’s commandments, rather than keeping some, and asking God to forgive them for not keeping them all. I will pray for you too. I will do everything i can in this world, and the next, to help as many people as i can. I hope there is some such a thing as cleansing by fire, so that sinners will still be able to be cleansed, and then enter Heaven. I just hope that they won’t have too many sins to be cleansed of, so that they will survive the cleansing. If there is such a thing.

I have a few other questions too. Did Daniel preach to others not to eat meat? I can’t find that he did. Does that prove it’s not true? No, of course not. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. As i said, i will never condone not keeping any of God’s commandments. But Jesus did tell us how to get to Heaven, He told us exactly how. And so if we have faith in Jesus, and believe in what Jesus said, and do what HE said, even if it is written wrong in the Bible, we will still be saved, by our faith. I believe what it comes down to is that we will be condemned for willfull disobedience, rather than for being deceived. Because if we are doing what we know is wrong, then we should have known better, and we do, but we did it anyway. So i encourage everyone to pray to God to save them, and just do the best you can. Put in however much effort you wish, according to how important it is to you to get to Heaven.

St. Luke Chapter 10

25 ¶ And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? 26 He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? 27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. 28 And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.


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