A Few Sheep Got Out

14 Apr

April 13, 2016

I was thinking some more about some of the false teachings of the Catholic church. Now many of us can remember the days of our youth. Even me, although the days of my youth were way back in the 1900s, almost to the 1950s! I was born in 1960, and that was almost in the 1950s, so it was pretty close. So i guess that in the 1950s i was just a twinkle in my dad’s eye, that’s what they used to tell us. I still don’t know what that means. Things were a lot different when i was a kid growing up. We didn’t have Nintendos or even battery operated toys. We had a few toys though, like we had a stick with a string on it and you try to catch the ball in the cup. We mostly played outside, and when we were punished, we were forced to stay in the house while the other kids were outside playing. It was horrible! But of course we played card games and we had yahtzee and checkers and we had monopoly game. I never did like playing monopoly very much. It always ended up the same, usually with me broke, and in jail, unable to rent any houses to live in or even ride the trains and stuff! But we had records and we listened to the radio stations, no such thing as internet back then. A few times when i was a kid i would listen to my 9 volt radio in bed with the earplug. At night i could get a few different stations, but i usually ended up listening to Charlie Fox on KFI in Los Angeles. I sent in a postcard to the “long distance listeners contest” and i won a Carly Simon album Boys in the Trees. I used to listen to Laker games on my transistor radio, back in the days when they had players like Jerry WEst and a few others. But anyways that was back when i was a kid growing up. I was rambling on, but the reason i brought this up is because of the false teachings of the Catholic church, such as God is in Heaven, weeping over the lost souls of sinners! This is not Scriptural! These teachings do not come from the Holy Bible. IN the Holy Bible, God tells us that He has Wrath against the sinners, not tears! He’s angry, not sobbing! So thats why i ask everyone to think back to when they were children, and when the parents had wrath, it was the disobedient children who were crying, not the parents! And so i believe it will be the same in Heaven! Our parents were not the ones weeping when us kids were disobedient! That’s a false teaching of the Catholic church@! Beware the leaven of the Pharisees!

Before i mentioned that my translation of publicans is people who hang out in the pubs. So i thought maybe that means that re-publicans keep going to the pub, time and time again. I don’t endorse any political party, i don’t even know the difference. But i don’t believe our government should be set up as two opposing teams, where one side wins and the other loses. I think it should be a team thing so that everybody wins. But i will tell you a funny story about what happened to me one time. I was driving home from work and i got behind a driver who had to stop, and then make a right hand turn onto a one way street. So i pull up behind this driver, and he was waiting for traffic i guess, so i waited. Then no cars were coming, and the guy had plenty of room to pull out onto the highway and go, but he didn’t. He still kept sitting there. I don’t know what he was doing, but i was right behind him, and after he had plenty of time to go, but didn’t go, i soon thought maybe i’d honk at him and alert him to go! So i beeped my horn at him. Well, instead of going, he looks out his window at me, and yells at me that i better not honk my horn at him again! So i did. Now instead of pulling out into traffic and going, he now gets out of his vehicle and starts coming back to my car. He’s wearing some kind of khakie uniform and he was all irritated that i honked at him, so i honked at him again, and i told him to go! Well now he was all angry, and he starts telling me all kinds of things! He looks at me with my long hair and he said What do you do? He said “I work for NOaa, and at least i help keep the country safe!” He looked at me and said “I bet you are a liberal!” He said “I bet you voted for Obama!” Well, i thought that was funny, because i’ve been called a lot of things before, but no ones ever called me a liberal before! I don’t even know what that means! Man, i thought, what a goofball! Finally another car pulls up behind me, and so this guy finally gets in his truck and leaves. Then i followed him to the next traffic light and he continued yelling at me from his vehicle at the red light. I don’t know why he got so irritated and flipped out like that, but it was funny. I have never voted, and i don’t even know what being a liberal means. I don’t even care what it means, it’s just some kind of theology or something like that. I just don’t think that government should be set up as two opposing teams. Government is not a softball game.

But i did read about this Jew spy who was spying on Americans, and he even brags about it on Israeli tv with Dustin HOffman! Now isn’t spying a crime? Then why is this HOllywood guy bragging about spying on Americans and he is not charged with spying? In this interview, he clearly states that he was trying to recruit American, read that, American, nuclear scientists. He was spying for Israel, in the US. Dirty rats!

“Such was not the case with Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, who, unbeknownst to him, became part of one of Milchan’s operations during a tame dinner party held at the actor’s home. When trying to recruit senior U.S. scientist and expert on nuclear weapons Arthur Biehl, (one of the developers of the hydrogen bomb), Milchan invited him to Dreyfuss’ home under the pretense that the actor was interested in scientific advice for a musical project.”


OH hahaha! It’s a big joke!

I will tell you about one thing i learned, and that is to pray and give thanks to God for being allowed to suffer for God, even if it is just a little bit. Now me, i have an easy life, and so my suffering is very small, so i thank God for allowing me to suffer even if it is only a small bit. I pray to God to let me suffer a little bit, and to have God remind me that when i am suffering not to complain, but to remember to be thankful for having a small suffering instead. I thought, these are good times for people to suffer for God. And God said to me that if anybody ever wanted to be a martyr for God, now is also a good time for that, too! It made me laugh, but it’s also very true. But i thought people could also pray to God and if they wanted, they could offer to suffer for God a little bit. Or if they already are suffering, they could remember to pray and give God thanks for allowing them to suffer. Maybe even like schoolchildren, or teens who are Christians. Maybe if other kids are prejudiced against them for being Christians, they too suffer for Jesus.In many ways, being young and growing up is much more difficult than being an adult. But be glad that God knows everything that you do, and nothing that you do goes unnoticed.

I have been preaching the Gospel and sharing God’s Message with everyone, but i can see that not everyone is obeying God’s commandments. So i can see that not everyone is going to be saved, as we talked about before. For some folks, there is simply nothing we can do. And we all know that Scripture says that “few will find the narrow way”, that SCripture is True, and that God’s Word cannot be changed, so we don’t have any foolish notions of trying to change Scripture or God’s Word. However, losing any people to hell is unacceptable to me, so since i can see that many people are apparently not going to be saved, i begin to look for other ways to have them be saved. Now wouldn’t it seem like an impossible mission for God to have some regular guy help God carry out His Will here on Earth? It seems like it would be. I thought to myself, if i was a non-believer, would i even believe myself? I’m not sure! I don’t think so! But i began looking for other ways that people might be saved, such as maybe having a second chance. I can pray for lenience for all the people, and more time, or a second chance. I know Scripture says that “few will find the way”, but maybe i can interpret that to mean that a “few billion will find the way”. Perhaps i can pray to God and tell Him some people might need more proof or evidence to help them believe, maybe some more signs and wonders might help them believe! Maybe a few miracles! I don’t know, anything! I just want to try and be kind to everyone, and do the best i can. Whatever it takes. I just can’t really be satisfied with losing most of humanity to hell. That’s unacceptable to me.


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