Flowers: They’re Not Just For Eating Anymore

11 Apr

April 10, 2016

I mentioned earlier about how the local Christians in my town did not love their brethren, but rather they abused their brethrens. ABusing their brothers and doing it in Jesus’ Name, that is not going to go over very well with Jesus. But that’s nothing compared to other abominations that they commit.

Also i mentioned that Christians should not be refusing to serve any people or persons. God reminded me that another reason that we don’t refuse to serve people is because by doing so, we are judging them. Judge not. Christians obey God’s commandments. That’s how you can tell the real Christians from the fake ones. Heavenly Mother reminded me of not judging, lest we are no longer forgiven, and we become judged. Harken unto the words of thy Mother! And Jesus reminded me that He washed everyone’s feet for them. No where in Scripture did i read that Jesus refused service to anyone. That’s not what Jesus taught us. If you refuse service to those homosexuals, they may never become Christians. But if you treat them with kindness, they may also want to become Christians. Jesus never said “Get away from me you sinner!” No, Jesus Healed everybody. Jesus made bread for five thousand sinners.

I had talked about before that if someone angers you, they control you. However, if someone tries to anger you, and they don’t, then you control them. And that angers them.

I was thinking about the saying ‘there is a pill for that’. But pills are not natural, they are not even made out of organic material in many cases. Especially vaccines. Some people scoff at people who take natural remedies and herbs, while they themselves inject themselves with mercury and aluminum and garbage that is a lot more poison and dangerous than that. I know some people who eat like five or ten pills every day, sometimes every meal! But as i said, those pills are most likely not even made out of organic material! They are chemicals, and they may cure your headache, but the side effects might kill you. Yet those folks think they are a lot smarter by not taking organic herbal remedies and plant medicine, while they are paying like ten dollars a pill, or something ridiculous like that. Maybe all those pills they ate rotted out their brainz. I think a person would be better off to spend $500 a month on fruits and vegetables than to spend it on pills.

That made me think that if you have great pain, there is a plant for that! There is a flower for that, an opium flower. If you have trouble sleeping, there is a flower for that. If you want a little extra energy boost during the day, there are beans for that, and flowers for that too! Yeehaw! In fact, i think there is a flower for just about everything that ails you! Except if you are taking pills. Flowers can’t undo the damage that taking deadly pills and dangerous vaccines causes you. The only cure for that is to stop taking them. Especially if the vaccines paralyze you or kill you, there is no cure for that. And if the vaccines change your DnA, you will never get better. A GMO-human is not a human.


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