No Help For The Widow’s Son

28 Mar

March 27, 2016


Lately i have been hearing a lot about Freemasons and Mormons being involved in quite a few false flag shooting type events, shooting drills that turned out to be “real”, and so forth. Why are we hearing about so many shooting events and false flag events involving Masons and Mormons? I thought about that and now i begin to understand.

As we learned previously, reading about NASA and the so-called “moon landings” and other such fake events that they carry out, deceiving the public, when the powers that be want some hoax played out on the public, they get their henchmen the Masons to do it for them. And as we also learned previously, the Mormon church is a Masonic Temple. So when we see Mormons involved and Masons involved in some shooting drill gone wrong or some such thing, then we can now easily see that the Masons are involved in some type of government hoax, played against the public. Mormons are Masons. And using Masons for henchmen for the fake moon landing and other events was not a random event, nor was it an isolated event. Anytime the powers that be want to play out some hoax on the public, they use their little henchmens, the Masons, who are sworn to secrecy. That’s their modus operandi. That’s how we can easily see today, all around us, what the Mormons and Masons are up to. Apparently many of them are “crisis actors” with full-time jobs, traveling about the country appearing at all different government sponsored Mormonism Freemasonry terrorism parties, posing as “eyewitnesses” at all these different government sponsored shooting drills and false flag events. That means any place where these Mormon Masons show up carrying out false flag events , the local law enforcement jurisdiction in that area is also corrupted. This shows that nearly the entire country is rotten to the core, from the top to the bottom, and is not likely to be repaired.

Mormons are Masons

Temple Oaths Mormon and Masonic

Mormonism is Judaism

Joseph Smith, Freemason killed by Masons


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