One Word

17 Mar

March 16, 2016

The other day i mentioned that our prayers to God don’t have to be all formal, and ritualistic, or something like that, but we can just talk to God normally. Like normal human beings do. I know. It’s a big secret.

And i thought, sometimes the prayers God answers are very simple prayers, even one word prayers, as in “Help!” Sometimes we get caught up in the technicalities of the law and forget about the spirit of the law. But the more i learn about God, it seems it’s kind of like learning about math, in some ways. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

And prayer is one of our greatest strengths we have. First we must believe, then when we believe, we put the power of our belief in our prayers! Then, won’t you be surprised when God answers all your prayers!

One time there was an old timer who was thinking 0ut loud to himself, and he asked “Where does air come from?” He was very curious to know where air came from. Well now i can tell you where air came from. God made it. Of course God made everything. Now if God wanted to create some earthen creatures, and give them life, and breathe His Spirit into them, first God would have to make a place for these little creatures to live. We can read about it in the Bible, how God first created the Heavens and the Earth. Why did He create them? So He could have a place to raise his earthen creatures. Just like when we take home a new pet, then we have to make it a habitat to live in. We can put some hay in the habitat, and some food, and water for our pet. And we can put some toys in there, and lights, and other things, depending on the pet. Such as a sunken treasure chest in an aquarium.

So we can see that God created everything for us. God created this place as a habitat for us, making sure that there is enough food and water to support all the people and animals. Everything that we can see, God created it for us. It’s our habitat God made for us. So that’s where air came from, because God had to make sure there was enough air for all His creatures too. God provides everything that all His creatures need. The Earth and all the creatures did not get created in some huge explosion and evolution. God made everything. So the first thing He did was build an habitat for His Creation, and that included air. That’s where air came from.

I thought about Scriptures, and i wonder how much of Scripture has been changed by people over the past two thousand years. I wonder, did people really change some Scriptures in the Bible? Then i realized, of course they did. They even do it today, in all the new “interpretations” of the Holy Bible. You can see for yourself how they change words and meanings of Scriptures, such as in the New International Version, and other versions of the Bible. They are changing God’s Word today, so i can be pretty sure that they have been changing it in the past, too. Some of the Scriptures that have been changed may actually “deceive the very elect”. And we have witnessed that it is possible to deceive the elect.

St. Matthew Chapter 24

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall
shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible,
they shall deceive the very elect.

We just don’t know exactly what has been changed. What has been added, and what may have been removed. How can we know what to believe then? Which Scriptures should we follow? Of course we know that Jesus will reveal the Truth to us, and that is how the Truth shall be known. With our power of prayer, and asking for unselfish things, such as asking for Wisdom, or peace of mind, or understanding, God will reveal everything to us. Even though men have changed God’s word and tried to change it’s meanings, God still has the last say, and reveals the Truth to everyone, anyway! God easily overcomes the feeble attempts by men to thwart His Plan! Hahaha! LOL!

Satan came to the world to try and destroy all men, all of God’s children. That’s why Jesus was sent, to save those children back again. Satan cannot overcome God. That’s why Satan is no longer living in Heaven. Satan is never allowed in Heaven again. In fact, if you ever see Satan, or talk to him, you should ask him, why doesn’t he live in Heaven anymore. Ask him, if he’s so powerful, how come he doesn’t live in Heaven anymore, and he has to live here in the dirt, with us. Then crack a few jokes about Satan getting kicked out of Heaven, and what size boots does the Angel Michael wear, and stuff like that, and see what Satan does.

Well, i sure hope that somehow, everyone can be saved, and no one will be lost. It seems that not everyone has converted to Christianity, yet. I thought, maybe at the last minute, some huge disaster will happen, and people will become so scared they will finally call out to God to help them. Maybe some people won’t be saved until later. That’s kind of what Revelation says. I think that is what the Tribulation is for, to bring people to God, and make them realize they need God. I read somewhere that there will be more people saved during the Tribulation than during the previous thousand years combined.

So that makes me understand why not everyone is becoming a Christian and worshiping Jesus as Lord and Saviour at this exact time. Maybe some will be saved later. So i thought i might help those folks out, and give them a heads up for later. Because if a huge catastrophe happened, and people called out to help from God, who would they pray to, if they didn’t know who God was? They might be praying to some false prophet, and not be saved! So i will tell those people now, if that ever happens, and you want to know exactly who God is, Jesus is God. And Jesus is the only one who can save you. And Jesus will save you, if you ask Him, and obey His commandments. So if any disaster happens, this is how you can save yourselves, even at the very last minute. But don’t gamble and take a chance on losing your soul by waiting till the last minute to decide. There’s no guarantees you will make it till the last minute, and besides, there is nothing here on Earth that is worth your soul.

Just because you’re not sure if something exists, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

You wouldn’t gamble with your life savings, so please, don’t gamble with your soul!


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