The Bottom Of The Sea

21 Feb

February 21, 2016

Now i was thinking about how i learned about the Masons and how they protect each other and help each other get away with crimes. I stated that the Masons have covered up a lot of crimes over the years, and that is a big reason they don’t want the Truth to be known about them. And who is guilty of covering up the most crimes of all? That’s right. The Freemasons in law enforcement. Who knows how many crimes have been covered up, and the guilty let go free? And so they are going to be very disappointed in anyone who exposes the Truth about them. Because they have more to lose than anyone else in the Masons, people in the so-called “justice system” who have committed crimes themselves.

So i thought about what would happen if a Mason was out drinking on a Saturday night and got drunk and hit and killed somebody in a crosswalk. If a fellow Mason was the policeman who investigated the scene, it would become an unsolved mystery. They would never catch the guilty, because they knew who it was, and they let them get away. It would just be another unsolved hit and run. The police would be allowing their fellow Mason buddies to get away with murder.

Now it is not just speculation that the police allow some people to get away with crimes. I have actually seen it happen before. By the time i was 23 years of age, i already had at least one DUII arrest and conviction, but we went out drinking heavily all the time. One time i was drinking with my brother and his friend the truck driver co-worker from the logging company. We were all really drunk, way too drunk to drive. Well that truck driver needed to get home, out to Brownsville, and so my brother who was way too drunk to drive drove him out to his house. We all piled into the pickup and we were swerving all over the highway and drinking in the cab, and we got pulled over by the county. I knew what would happen, duii. But the deputy comes up to the window, begins to question my brother, and he saw the truck driver in the middle. And he said, “Oh, it’s you Tom” or something like that, and he told the deputy he was too drunk to drive and so my brother gave him a ride instead. And so the deputy just said, “OK, keep it in your lane.” and he let us go. He was a “friend” of the truck driver, they knew each other. I could not believe it, except i sat there and saw the whole thing happen. I knew if it would have been me driving, i would have been cuffed and stuffed and going to jail. But we got a free pass that night. We went drunk driving all over.

I know this one guy who has a sign on his house that says We don’t dial 911 and it has a picture of a gun. BEfore, i would have disagreed with him. But in the past few years i begin now to agree. Not only because of what i have read, but also what i have seen done. My attitude towards law enforcement has changed. When my kids were growing up, i tried to teach them to respect law enforcement, although the kids hated the police. My daughter almost got arrested for starting a riot at school, because the police were harassing her friend, and she is very outspoken. I use to get after her, but the kids did not like the police, for their own reasons, apparently.

As for me i thought that i could kind of repay all those years of mischief i did by helping the police in some small way in my older years. So i tried to help the law enforcement. I called in my share of drunk drivers and petty criminals breaking into cars and reporting crimes in my own neighborhood. That was my idea to help them a little bit. But then things changed, after i started reporting the Truth about the Freemasons. After i reported on the Masons, all the Masons ganged up on me, and law enforcement was in on it, as well. After all the times i respected and tried to help local law enforcement, when i needed help, i called them, and they left me for dead. I had people at my work verbally assaulting me, threatening me, driving recklessly, endangering my co-workers, driving off while gas is being pumped into their cars and ripping the hoses and nozzles out, also endangering my co-workers, people smoking in the gas station, blocking the property, and so on and so on. So i finally had to call for help, and the dispatch said “Figure out some other way, because we don’t have anybody to help you.” That was it. He didn’t say they would come by later, they didn’t want any info, they just said to figure out some other way. So i did. Now i just take care of things myself. I won’t call them to help them anymore, and neither will i call them and ask them for help. Because when i did, they left me for dead. They endangered me, my co-workers, my bosses equipment, my bosses business standing, the public safety, and they didn’t care. Why call them? It’s a waste of time. Just have to take of things yourself. That was the city police. The county police were also ganging up against me with the Masons. There was at least one deputy who was a friend of that meth head at the gas station that was involved. That’s when i realized, they are all dirty. From the city, to the county, even the state, all the way to the top, this country is rotten to the core with liars and corruption. Maybe not all law enforcement are corrupt, but all law enforcement agencies are corrupt.

Then the same thing happened when i tried to report possible poaching crimes to the state police. I called their poaching program, and they sent out some trooper who told me that you can get a reward for poachers and i showed him the evidence of the possible illegal elk kill and gave him HD video footage of a suspect and the suspect vehicle. The trooper told me he usually didn’t have that much evidence, so he was confident that he could solve the case. He told me to give him my phone number and evidence and he would keep me posted as the investigation went along. But, that was all total BS. He never contacted me again. He was just another liar and full of @#$%. I have no idea what happened. For all i know, that trooper was a Freemason, and maybe the poacher was also a Freemason, so they just covered up the case and let the poachers get away. Who knows? But like i said, after i started revealing the Truth about the Freemasons, law enforcement has not been my friend. They refuse to help me at times and they just outright lie to my face. As well as follow me around in the woods and shoot at me.

Even when i went camping, the very first day, the people showed up and shot up my campsite. Now how would they know where i was, up in the brush, except that law enforcement gave my position to the Freemasons? And they did that everywhere i went camping, and boating, and hiking, my home, and my work. It got to be where there was no place i could go that people did not follow me around and shoot at me and harass me. And looking back now i can see that it is all because of law enforcement.

After three years of people following me around and harassing me and shooting at me i met one nice lady who invited me to adventist church. So i thought at least i can go to the house of God and people there won’t harass me. But the pastor must have been a Freemason too, because when i went to that church i found out it wasn’t a house of God, it was a house of hypocrites and a den of iniquity, and the church members joined in on harassing me and bothering me. So it was that i could not go anywhere, not even church, without people following me around and harassing me. Even that pastor and his staff joined in the fun of harassing me. Even if the adventist pastor did not take an oath to join the Freemasons, he is guilty of helping them carry out their crimes. And so as many a famous politician will say, “What difference does it make?” if he is a Freemason or just helping them carry out their dirty deeds?

That’s why i see now that this whole country is rotten to the core. From the city police all the way up to the federal police, the local politicians, courts and judges all the way up to the highest ranking politicians and judges. The USA has become a scum bucket. Understanding this helps us to better understand what God tells us is going to be the judgment on this nation. All this hate and evil and corruption is going to end up on the bottom of the sea, just like the city of Atlantis. There’s not going to be anything evil left anymore.

Revelation Chapter 18

21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and
cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city
Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
22 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and
trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of
whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the
sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;

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