The Dumbing Down Of America

19 Feb

February 18, 2016


I think the reason people vote for Trump is because they think he’s the best candidate because none of those other guys ever had their own TV show.

At least that’s what i think. But sometimes i know too much and so i can’t tell everything i know. Ever since i learned that the so-called Fatima miracles were fake, and that many of the so-called “witnesses” were in fact, Masons, then i understood a little bit about the perpetrators of the lie. Because by detailing their idea of the end times, when they say that Satan will rule the Earth, and the Earth will be in a terrible destruction phase, then they are telling us what their plans are. In fact, they even orchestrated the event in 1917 so that it would be exactly 100 years prior to the planetary alignment they already knew about in 2017, the woman “clothed with the sun”.  This shows us to what great extents these people go to to carry out their charades. At first, it looks like something amazing! Then you look and see, their is a little guy behind the curtain pulling some strings, that’s all. It’s just a hoax.

Then we see, that’s all these people are, is hoaxers, and liars. Now i understand why Scripture tells us, Heavenly Mother tells us i believe not to be jesting and joking around. Because joking around makes us lose our credibility. No one will know whether to believe us or think we are just joking around. Of course it’s a very serious matter not to joke around about matters of God, and people’s souls, and eternal salvation.  So if i say i’m not kidding around about something, what i actually mean is, i don’t kid around about anything i say.

Another thing i discovered is that the microcephaly in South America is not caused by what they are telling us, mosquitos, and Zika viruses, but they are most likely caused by poison sprayed in the people’s water by guess who? Monsanto, of course. Who would have thought? Monsanto sprayed the poison all around then the people started having deformed kids. That kind of activity should be illegal. If there were any men of justice in this world, it would be. I was hoping that people would wake up, and realize their desperate situation, and take some action. And now, i see they have taken action: they are voting for Trump.

Birth defects


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