And The Worms Ate Into Their Brains

17 Feb

February 16, 2016


Some people think that every planet in the universe is round, except for the planet Earth ? The Earth was shown to be round centuries ago, by mathematics, and it is scientifically provable. Not only that, but common sense tells us that if the Earth were flat, everyone on Earth would look up and see the exact same star constellations. But we don’t. We only see the stars above where we live. There are twelve constellations in the Mazzaroth, and we can only see the ones in our visible night sky. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to go below the Equator to see the Southern Cross constellation. I agree that the Earth is stationary, and it does not move, but it is round. How else can you explain that when it is summer in Australia, it is winter in the northern hemisphere? Of course the Earth is round, just like all the other planets in the Universe. Don’t be silly! How can people believe in such silly things as a flat earth, when they can clearly see the shadow of the Earth during an eclipse is a circle? Not to mention the scientific proof. Such as the line of sight limitation due to horizon. For example, at see, you cannot see a ship that is so many miles from your ship, because it is so far away, it is below the horizon, due to the curvature of the Earth.  It’s horrible, what those brain worms can do to people’s minds!


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