God Loves You, Too

15 Feb

February 14, 2016

The other day i mentioned that there won’t be any flesh eaters in Heaven. Just like there were no people eating animal flesh in the Garden of Eden, neither will there be anyone eating flesh in Heaven.

Can you imagine a person in Heaven sees an animal, and says “Hey, that animal looks good to eat. Let’s make a fire and cook it”. God lives in Heaven, and God would not let that happen to His pets. God would tell that person “First of all, we don’t kill. Second of all, we don’t eat flesh. Third of all, we don’t live by the sword. And fourth, we only do things to others that we would have done to ourselves. And so I have a better idea. Let’s make a fire and cook you, instead.” And that’s exactly what they do. They throw that person in hell. And that’s why we are taught the Golden Rule. Because whatever we do unto others, that is what is going to be done unto us. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. I’m not kidding around about that, either.

And no one will kill and eat God’s pets anymore. And all the animals will cheer! Because God loves all the animals. And all the animals love God, too.


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