Dirty Free Mason Pedophiles

6 Feb

February 05, 2016

Well i discovered earlier that the Masons are secretly into Gay Sex and GAy orgies. That’s why they only allow men to attend their parties. Now i discovered that the Free Masons are also pedophiles. The BBC scandal with the pedophiles goes back for decades, and these are Masons in the pedophile  ring. Many witnesses and journalists have died from reporting on the pedophile Masons in the BBC. So if you thought the Free Masons were just a bunch of harmless pot-bellied, erectile dysfunctional bunch of old fools and their young gay lovers, you better read these articles and think again. Because they may be harmless to you and me and little old grannies, but they are child rapists among them. And that’s why they keep all their secrets, and swear to kill others who expose them.  So it is probably likely that the Penn STate pedophiles are also related to the Masons, as we remember that pedophile protector Joe Paterno received a huge award, for what he did to help his buddies, the Masons. So the more and more we investigate and examine these Free Masons, the more dirt we expose. In fact, we can now see that they are the scum of the Earth.
In fact, i discovered that the so-called Jews like to suck babies weenies. Now i discovered the Free Masons are founded by the Jews, so the Free Masons have the same beliefs and practices that the Jews have, from the Kabbalah. The Truth is being revealed.
Reporters dropping dead from reporting Free Mason Pedophiles

Penis suckers



Freemason paedophilia


Babies get herpes and die from so-called “Jews”



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