Evil Is A Creation Of Evil Minds

3 Feb

February 02, 2016

That is why our Heavenly Mother hates a wicked imagination!

I realized that God gave me a hint about what it’s like in Heaven, because now i know they have Parties in Heaven! Hurray! How fun would that be? So at least i know one thing it will be like in Heaven.They have Parties like we do!  It is similar to EArth as it is in Heaven, in many ways.

I thought, hmm, i wonder if in Heaven you could eat some certain plants and take a little psychedelic~trip! I don’t know, but God does not condemn that here on Earth. God told us that of all  the herbs and trees we may eat “freely”. That means for one thing, we don’t have to pay for that fruit, and also means that we can have as much as we want.  Medicine men have used psychedelic herbs and seeds, peyote for example, for centuries. And i think if certain psychoactive plants and drugs opens people’s minds and psyches up to God, then i think God would actually approve of them. Why not? If God did not want us to eat those plants, He would not have given them to us.  He would not have told us that we may eat freely of all the herbs. Again, this is due to people who have wicked imaginations. That’s where evil comes from. Evil minds.

I thought about Heaven, and it seemed like i heard something like “more riches and wonder than i can even possibly imagine!”, when i was thinking what Heaven might be like. I imagined the City in Revelations, of Gold and how the City was so beautiful, and i imagined it and looked and the City of Gold went as far as i could see, in every direction!


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