Truth Advocates

1 Feb

January 31, 2016

Now some people might say that Christians teach pacifism, basically, and so when should Christians “fight”? Isn’t the term “fighting Christian” an oxymoron? Or, when should Christians speak up? Or when should Christian leaders take the lead in the fight against evil? When should Christians take a stand for doing what’s right? Well of course, being a Christian is all about being righteous, so Christians always want to take a stand for doing the right things. I think Christians should speak up whenever they know that people are being deceived. If people know that people are being deceived into losing their souls, then Christians need to speak up the Truth, and let people know. If they know and don’t help the people save their souls, they are helping them to lose their souls. I guess if we know that someone is lying to the public, it is our civic duty to tell the Truth. As Charles Barkley used to say, “Anything less would be uncivilized”.

And that is, if you know these things to be True. Many people don’t know, they don’t even know what they believe themselves. But for people who do know, it is a different story altogether. If we know, then we have to speak up. I realized another thing too, and that is that i never saved anyone. I never saved anybody. I can’t. I don’t have that capability. All i did was to tell people about Jesus. When it comes to saving people, that’s all that i can do is tell them how i myself was saved by Jesus, so that they can be saved too. Only Jesus can save people, and that’s why we tell people about Jesus.

Some people might say that because Christians seem to advocate dying so readily that it makes them almost defeatist, or promoting suicide. Ahh, but quite contrarily! Because looking forward to dying is what gives us reason to live.


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