Bliss Is Ignorance

31 Jan

January 31, 2016
Well i mentioned before that the government is not going to help you in these troubled times, if for some reason you had that crazy idea. Such as the zika virus, economic disaster and dangerous vaccinations. While all these spread, the government does nothing to help you. People who sit around and do nothing to stop evil deserve whatever happens to them. As we said before, it is the government who is doing these things to the people, the refugee crises, etc etc etc. So if you are waiting for the government to come and rescue you, you are going to end up dead. They are not coming to help you. They are making a living out of killing you.

Now that i discovered the real Gay Secrets behind the Masons, i understand a lot of things clearly now. Everything makes sense, and everything falls into place. Now i understand why the Masons keep everything secret and give each other good “business deals”, and why they don’t tell their wives what they do. “Honey, i’m home from my slumber party with the Masons! How bout a big kiss on the mouth?!!?” These guys are sick! I also understand why the Masons are so good at keeping their secrets from the public.

For one thing, the Masons prey on the weakest and most vulnerable of all the citizens, the “uneducated” worker class. People who only know how to do things such as hammering, or “sawing” or carrying rocks. Or those folks who only have enough skills to carry a piece of wood. Or some “average guy” who studied all his life just to learn how to make concrete. These uneducated simple people are also the most illiterate, and they are also the most superstitious. So it is easy for the Masons to lure them into their group with claims of money and success, but who quickly take control of them and control them by several different means. Because they are so simple, they are also very superstitious, and so they can be controlled by superstitious fears, among other things.

But it’s a lot more fiendish than that. Because once into the Masons, the Masons can’t leave. Ever. Why? Because first of all they are scared of scary things. Boogie Man get ya! Ahhhhh! And the Mason’s use Gay Sex in their initiations, so once “initiated”, the Mason can never tell the Truth, because they hold this Gay Sexual blackmail over his head. Along with sexual blackmail, and the scary superstitions, the Masons also threaten their “beloved brethrens” with physical violence and death if they ever tell the Truth. And also, the Masons can never leave, because the Mason organization is so widespread that if they leave, they will be blackballed, and never work hammering a hammer again. They will never get any work, anywhere, and they will be constantly harassed and threatened where ever they go. Many of them have probably been followed and murdered. And they will be exposed with their Gay Sex, their wives will divorce them, they will lose everything. Their goes their house, their job, their wife and kids, their future and all their hope. And so we can see why these poor abused Masons cannot leave and tell the Truth. It’s easier for them to live on their hands and knees. But that’s OK. I will do it for them. I am not afraid of a bunch of faggots and i will gladly expose the Mason faggots. I will dig up all the dirt i can and bury them with it.

Now everything makes sense. NOw i know why the manager of the Donut Hole shop acted like a fag, the Free Mason. He always talked about how he hated his ex-wife and how he didn’t need women anymore. Now i know what he meant when he told me that he was going to “milk the Free Mason connection for everything he could get out of it”. Now i know why when one guy threatens to expose the Masons, ten thousand Masons show up to try and intimidate him from exposing the Truth. I now know why some of those same Masons were completely terrified of me! I could see it in their faces! Now i know why they were so scared to have the Truth revealed. They might not like it at first, exposing their secrets. But they can thank me for it later.

There sure are a lot of “crisis actors” at Malheur ! Pete Santilli, Jon Ritzheimer, Victoria Muñoz, the Bundie Bunnies and a lot of fake “law enforcement personnel”, just about everybody out there it seems.


More Fakery exposed


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