Those Yellow-Bellied Sap Suckers

30 Jan

January 29, 2016

I was reading about the so-called Oregon militia standoff, and i just don’t understand any of it. For example, the two original convicts who were sentenced to prison for not just one previous fire, but two fires, didn’t even want the militia coming around. But the militia used that as an “excuse” to move in?

Now then, what in the world were these supposed ranchers doing? Well, they took their guns and they said “Look, we’re going to do things our way. And we have guns, and anybody who doesn’t do things our way, well, we’ll just kill ’em. Because we believe in democracy”. What ? They must mean a “democracy for me”. Because they just take guns and decide to take over property that isn’t theirs and kill anybody who opposes them. That’s not very smart. If you are going to take on the US military, you are going to get killed. But who in the world taught these people that “this is how we do things in a democracy”?

Then these people make threats against law enforcement, resist arrest, and get themselves killed, and for what? What did they accomplish? Like i said, i don’t get it. None of it makes any sense. But of course it doesn’t make any sense, because they were crisis actors, not actual “militia members”.  It appears the whole event was a failed false flag event, because nothing makes sense. Did Bundys think they were going to come to Oregon and violate federal laws and force the federal government to do what Bundys tell them?  Did the Bundys think if they brought a gun law enforcement would have to do whatever Bundys told them to do? How stupid would the Bundys have to be to believe something like that?

The powers that be are going to have to come up with some better plans than these if they want to try to fool people any more. NOthing makes any sense. Now they are going to let the rest of the protestors who are also guilty of trespassing and damage and interfering with federal officers go home, free?  Oh, those must be the crisis actors.

“Apparently the FBI was live streaming a parallel “militia encampment” in Burns Oregon.At 1.20 min, the  “patriots” are asked to sign talent releases. If someone understands what this is all about,please inform us!” – See more at:


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