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26 Jan

January 26, 2016

Before i mentioned how an economy is more important to a nation than a military. Thinking about that further, i begin to see that people need food, goods and services to survive, not money. Money is like an unessential part of the equation. I think money is just a tool to keep people indebted to the banks. Because people can’t eat money, they have to have food to eat, and goods and services to survive. People who would allow others to starve to death simply because they don’t have any money are abhorrent.

I read about some new physics theories, and i learned among other things that the so-called Higgs Boson is a fake. That’s not real physics. Again, more fake science. The people who are controlling the education and media aren’t smart enough to figure out real science. That’s why all we get are fakey looking colored pictures and a lot of false data. But now the students are surpassing their instructors. And another thing i learned is that in some theory, space dimension allows for people to see into the past, or the future. I thought about this, and it seems to make sense to me. How would people be able to “see” the light from a different time? They probably wouldn’t be able to see it in the daytime of the “real” world. No, they would probably have to meditate, and try to see inner light. This might explain how Edgar Cayce and other people had some success predicting the future. So i thought, if i were to experiment with trying to look into the future, i would probably meditate, then try to look into the past, such as yesterday. Then, after awhile of thinking about the past, start thinking about tomorrow. That may be why Mr. Cayce said that “anybody can do what he does”, if you only know how to look in the right direction.


I was thinking about how this is such a horrible world we have to live in, full of mean, dirty, evil people, liars, murderers, rapers, treasoners, haters, abusers, dopers, thieves, meth heads, jerk offs, sick minded evil people, every kind of evil people there are. People who are destroying the Earth that we live on, senselessly, and everything that lives on it. But, at least we have one thing to look forward to. At least we can look forward to Death and dying.


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