“Refugees” Rape, Protestors Get Maced

25 Jan

January 24, 2016

I read about the so-called “refugees” raping European women freely, while the police cower in fear, but when the citizens protest against the rapes, almost two thousand police attack them with  tear gas. So the refugees rape, and the protesters get maced. That’s not very cool. People who commit treason can end up swinging from the end of a rope.

I thought, it’s also like the 911 cover-up by the federal government. Several thousand innocent Americans were slaughtered, on their own soil, and yet, no crimes have ever been “discovered” by law enforcement, that is. So i thought, hmmm, if the FBI and all the federal law enforcement agencies cannot solve 911, just what have they been doing for the past 15 years? Well, first thing they did was to create several more “security” departments, DHS, HHS, TSA, etc etc. Now we pretty much have ABC through XYZ. And what did all these increased security departments do for the past 15 years? Well, it looks like nothing. They haven’t caught a single terrorist criminal in the US. But, mass shootings have increased, and homeland security has decreased. They did arrest a lawyer in Portland, OR for terrorism, but he was completely innocent, and cleared by his own fingerprints. He was framed. So the government caught this completely innocent guy for terrorism, Brandon Mayfield in 2004. And what else did they do? Well, they went online, and started luring teens online in FBI and federal stings. They got one teenage kid that they “recruited” online, and they took him and spent months mentoring him and teaching him how to blow up explosives. I read they even took him down to Lincoln County where he was taken someplace and they taught him how to push a button and blow up remote explosives. The sheriffs department was also in on this i read. And so they took that kid they lured online, they told him what to do, they taught him how to do it, they set him up completely with everything to do it, and when they told him to do it, and he did, they arrested him for “terrorism”.

So how many bombs did the Christmas tree bomber set off? None! Zero! How many innocent people did he kill? None! Zip! Nada! Zilch! Zero! How many lives were saved by this federal “investigation” that took months? Again, none. How many people did Brandon Mayfield kill? None! Zero! Zilch! Zip! Nada! None! The real terrorists got away, in 2001! And all the federal government can do is arrest these innocent folks who never hurt anybody! It’s almost like they let the bad guys get away on purpose, and they are just trying to make it look like they are fighting terrorism, by arresting innocent and framed American citizens! The number of American citizens being arrested and charged with terrorism has gone up, while national security has gone down.

Innocent lawyer arrested for terrorism

Christmas Tree so-called “bomber”

I also thought about how God provides food for all His animals and children. God provides enough food for every living creature to have enough food to eat. It is only through the malfeasance of man that the food is not properly distributed and managed and everyone in the world is not fed. Because it is God’s will to feed all His children. If people would use their technology systems to feed the world, instead of trying to kill everyone in it, and destroy the ecology and environment as well, then everyone would have enough food to eat, and no one would go hungry.


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