Weight Of The Universe

21 Jan

January 20, 2016

I thought, what if there was no such thing as gravity? What if there was only atmospheric pressure pressing down on us that gives us “weight”? What about pressure from the cosmos – the pressure on us from the plasma? IN essence, we have the weight of the universe on our backs. I thought, how can they separate the effects of atmospheric pressure and gravity when they are doing measurements? They can’t. If this were the case, then on a planet with no atmosphere we would be weightless. We would be like Supermen! With one giant leap, we could leap clear out into outer space!

But then i thought, what about lead? Why would lead weigh more, if we weigh proportionately to the atmospheric or comic pressure? Well because lead is more dense, and that supposedly causes “gravity” to have more pull on it, and make it heavier. So that makes sense then, because lead being denser would cause the atmospheric and cosmic pressure to be greater pushing down on it, just like so-called gravity does.

It seems like if you are going to do a test for gravity, you must factor in the atmospheric pressure, somehow. For example, they say i weigh 160 pounds because of gravity. But that doesn’t calculate in the amount of atmospheric pressure also pressing down on me. Or, do i weigh 160 because of my density, like lead? It seems like you could just throw away the equation for gravity, and just calculate everything by atmospheric pressure, and forget about gravity, because they both seem to be one and the same.


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