Hell No We Won’t GmO!

17 Jan

January 17, 2016

Before i mentioned that some people who are against natural herbal remedies and plants are advocates for much more dangerous drugs. Such as people who say that marijuana is bad for you, then turn around and tell you that injecting pig swine and swine dna and other garbage into your body is good for you! People routinely give their children dangerous drugs, such as cough syrups and other “medications” that are much more dangerous and harmful than marijuana flowers! And yet, if you give your children something harmless, like a marijuana flower, they would charge you with child abuse! I think about things like this, and i realize the people had to have been taught wrong. It’s the only way people could end up being so foolish and ignorant.

I read in the news that Donald Trump says he is real popular in Russia. So if he doesn’t get elected, maybe he can go to Russia and get a job running the government over there.

I was also reading about the world population, and i came to think of the Earth as the “young earth theory”. Which means that there were about 3 billion people alive when i was born in 1960, and now there are almost 7 billion. That means 4 billion people have been born since i was, meaning that 4 billion people alive are all younger than me. That makes me think of the young Earth theory. I was getting a little confused, thinking about 7 billion people. Since people only live on average 85 years, then the 7 billion people who are alive today were all born since 1930, roughly. That graph is off the chart.

I have seen many miracles from God in my life, and i realize now that many of His miracles are all around us, everyday. For example, orange juice grows out of the dirt! Is that not a miracle in itself? All the best food grows out of the dirt. For free. Every time you see some food such as a fruit or vegetable, that is a miracle in itself. Man cannot transmutate dirt into delicious food. Only God can do that. And another amazing thing is, all the food that God gave us to eat, grows out of the ground for free! When we take some fruit off of a plant and eat it, it’s just the same way that it was in the Garden of Eden. Except nowadays the fruit is sometimes GMO and covered in pesticides, herbicides and other poisonous chemicals. If man had been cultivating gardens for the past two hundred years, instead of wars, think of what we might have today. When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden, they didn’t have to pay some guy ten bucks for apples. All the food was free.

People depend too much on “pills” to try and solve their problems. First, they eat like pigs, then take “diet” pills. Or they practice sex like pigs, then take birth control pills. What people need is to exercise control over their own bodies instead of taking pills. Have some morals and self discipline, and try to live better than the animals in the field. Not live like them, or worse.


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