Pete Santilli. Dave Hodges. Two Men. In Bed. Together.

15 Jan

January 14, 2016

St. Luke Chapter 17

34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one
shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

I sure have read a lot of information, disinformation, non-disinformation and pure propaganda on the Oregon standoff. It seems a lot of the disinformation is coming from the US government! For example, the first thing law enforcement did was surround the area and take command of all traffic, in and out. The statement law enforcement made was that the place was locked down, and no one could get in or out. But, the next thing you know, here comes another felon out of Texas, and he waltzes right on in and starts getting on tv and stuff. The law enforcement said right away that they were soon shutting down all communications, and power. Then they turned it into some kind of international media sensation? What? They seem to be taking the lead in outright disinformation. but there are other contributors as well. Next thing, here comes some more people, some militia guys saying they are going to join in the federal land takeover, but the militia turned them away. What? I thought this place was in lockdown! It looks more like some kind of tv episode. But i tell you what i think really happened.

The defense read the offense’s play, and forced the offense to start trying to come up with an audible play of some sort. This is where the real information war is. People who are trying to spread the Truth, versus people who are trying to cover up the Truth. If people weren’t telling the public the Truth, people would still be drinking the kool aid, and not know anything different! But they’ll never admit to it. No, they will start back peddling, trying to point the blame at other people. It wasn’t me, look, over there! That guy did it! Meanwhile, the offense is fumbling around, trying to come up with some kind of audible, and now the defense is on a blitz cover one defense. Sack time!

You don’t have to be a psychic to discover all the pure BS coming out of Malheur, you can tell by the smell. Now i have to say one thing – the fireman quit his job! When the fireman learned the federal government was lying to him, and covering up federal government operations, he quit his job. Now that makes me wonder. But first of all, how many men would quit their job, if their employer asked them to lie? Not very many. But some men do have consciences. What i believe may have happened was that fireman was required to sign a non disclosure form with the federal government, so that he couldn’t tell the Truth. And then, when he found out they were lying, he could not tell the Truth, because he had signed the non disclosure agreement. So, as a result, he quit his job in disgust of what the government was doing. And i think they were setting up to run a nother Sandy HOax. All set up, then the defense read their play.

NOw it’s an obvious set up, because they have not sealed it off, they did not shut down the communications. Instead, they have allowed it to continue on, and more worse crimes and damage are being committed. They have turned it into a media circus. But now the felons over there broke down the fence and damaged federal government property. That wasn’t very nice. I think they should go tear stuff up in Texas, not in Oregon. But what do they do? They force everyone to become liars, by making them sign non disclosure agreements! But what happens when we get caught telling lies? That’s right! We tell the Truth! Very good! But nowadays, because of non disclosure forms, they make telling the Truth a crime. That’s not very  nice either.

I read about how the military is going to start accepting transexuals in the active military service. I wonder what boot camp will be like in those days. Will the company commander start yelling at them All right you transexuals, get off each other and fall in for inspection! It’s too weird to imagine.

One thing i mentioned earlier was that we cannot contradict Scripture. Rather, we fulfill Scripture. I also thought about this verse in St. Luke

St. Luke Chapter 17

33 Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever
shall lose his life shall preserve it.

Earlier i said that if we follow God’s will, we will be saved and go to Heaven. But, if we follow our own will instead of God’s will we will die. That makes me undersand the Scripture. Whoever keeps his own will shall die, but whoever gives up his own will and follows God’s will shall live.

Therefore we preach the gospel! Repentance and remission of sins, follow God’s will, and you shall live for ever and ever! Save yourself from this wretched generation!


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