Pity Them Not

14 Jan

January 14, 2015

I was thinking about the so-called ‘food pyramid’ that the government made to tell us what we need to eat to be healthy. And i realized, it’s not very realistic. Because, in the history of the world, it’s actually pretty rare for people to have access to all different kinds of foods such as eggs, and meat, and milk, and dairy products, plus grain, and fruit and citrus fruit, and berries and tropical fruit and such. Two hundred years ago it was very rare for anyone to have access to all these different kinds of food. Sometimes, it seems the less i eat, the less i need to eat. I thought about that, and it makes sense. Because if you could eat all the required nutrients and vitamins you need, in one apple, then you would eat an apple, and feel full. However, if you eat a bunch of junk food that has no food value, you would eat and eat and eat, and still feel hungry. Because your body would be hungry for all the nutrients and food it is starving for.

I was thinking about Tesla’s statement to think in terms of 3,6 and 9, to discover the secrets of the universe, and how does that relate to his invention of a motor that powers it’s own self. I can’t really fathom what he did with his specially wound armature winding, that supposedly did not couneract his centrifugal force. The typical idea of an electric motor that i think of is a wire wound rotor that turns inside of a magnetic stator. The stator, surrounding the rotor windings interact with the magnetic field produced by the rotor and cause the motor to turn. So we have a rotor inside of a stator, or stationary rotor.

Now i thought, what if you had a three phase rotor and you put it inside of a six phase stator, or, if you actually put the three phase rotor inside of a six phase rotor, inside of a nine phase stator. Again, it’s beyond my comprehension to imagine what this might be capable of doing, if anything. You could make this assembly like a horizontal drive shaft system, or like a vertical drive shaft.

I begin to understand God more and more and i begin to understand why God tells us, do not pity the sinners, and the people who are going to be lost. We care about them, and pray for them, but we don’t pity them. Now i begin to understand why.

Deuteronomy Chapter 7

16 And thou shalt consume all the people which the L ORD thy God
shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them: neither
shalt thou serve their gods; for that will be a snare unto thee.

When i was a new Christian, i prayed that everyone would be saved and go to Heaven. Now i understand, that is not what we pray for. No, we pray that God’s will be done, here on EArth, and that Scripture be fulfilled, as it is WRitten. Because when God’s will is done here, and Scripture is fulfilled, then we can go to Heaven.

And now we know that not everyone is going to be saved, so we don’t pray for the impossible. We don’t pray for things we know are impossible to happen. We don’t pray that everyone will go to Heaven because we know not everyone will go. What we pray for instead, is that everyone will find out about God, and have a chance to go to Heaven, the same as everyone else. That’s also why we don’t feel sorry for those folks who go to hell. Because they had the exact same opportunity to go to Heaven as everyone else, and they made their choice, out of their own, free, will. So we pray that everyone will receive the opportunity to go to Heaven, and then God’s will will be done, when everyone has received their opportunity, and every person has made their own choice.


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