Truth Be Told

13 Jan

January 13, 2016

Before i talked about how the government entities force children to be injected with harmful chemicals and just plain garbage. The government state in Oregon forces children who are victimized and placed into state custody to take heavy duty psychotropic drugs for depression and such. And these government drugs are worse than any natural remedy ever could be.  In fact, these government people who criminalize the eating of herbs and such, and force chemicals on children, they are usurping what God gave us to eat – all the herbs of the field. The side effects listed for chemical drugs are damage to the organs of the body, up to, and including death. The side effects for marijuana, for example are, may cause euphoria, and might make you feel sleepy. But people don’t care, and they don’t stop to think about what they are doing, whether it makes sense or not. The government says they are just enforcing the laws. They are not here to “think”. They are here to enforce the laws and do what they are told. That’s it.

Now when the government officials then take it upon themselves to lie to the public that they are sworn to serve and protect, they become sworn liars. They are serving someone else, either themselves or their boss. So, in effect, these sworn liars have become nothing more than paid goons. Goons paid to do whatever their higher ups tell them, without thinking or questioning “why?”. Then they actually work to destroy the very people who pay their wages, and who they swore to protect and serve, and hired them. Again, when i see corruption so rampant and widespread from the top to the very bottom, crackheads ripping each other off, i can begin to understand why admission to Heaven is going to be so limited.

And these injections they force on kids, slamming dope into them, this is totally unnatural way of medicine. God never intended for man to inject himself with needles and put garbage into his temple. The only way that people are designed to ingest any food or medicine is through their mouth. Any other way is unnatural. Now you wouldn’t put a bunch of pig slime and manure and DNA in your mouth, would you? If you want to, go right ahead. But don’t force little kids to have to. Because that is also downright unnatural.

I recently heard about a movement called the truth movement. I can see that it could be described as having an increasing effect. That is to say, it is snowballing, to put it in mathematical terms. No matter how much some people hate the Truth, and try to cover it up, the Truth cannot be hid! No matter how hard people try to stop the Truth from being told, they cannot! Everything will be revealed, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Liars going to lie, haters going to hate, and the Truth tellers are going to tell the Truth!


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